Toba Aquarium 鳥羽水族館

The number of breeding species is the largest in Japan! An aquarium that keeps approximately 1,200 species of animals.

The number of breeding species is the largest in Japan!! The Toba Aquarium keeps approximately 30,000 creatures of 1,200 species from the sea and river. In particular, this is the only place in Japan where dugong is kept and you mustn't miss seeing it.

There are animals such as capybara and fishing cat, which you might think "why are they in an aquarium?", but, in fact, these creatures among many others live by the water.
In the new zone called "Forest of Miracle", where you experience yourself, there is a waterfalls and a suspension bridge.
The zone is filled with thrill and excitement so that people of all ages can enjoy.

The popular show by sea lion and walrus is held everyday!
Come visit to see the various idols!!
〒517-8517 鳥羽市鳥羽3丁目3-6
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Business hours
09:00 - 17-00 (except during July 20th - August 31st: 08:30 - 17:30)
* Admission is allowed until 1 hour prior to closing hour.
Open all year round.
Adult: ¥2,500
Child (Elementary and Junior high schools): ¥1,250
Infant (3 years and over): ¥630
Access by public transportation
Approx.10 minutes by walk from JR Toba and Kintetsu Toba Stations.

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