Ise-Shima Skydiving Club (Taso Shirahama Beach) 田曽白浜ビーチ

The Ise-Shima Skydiving Club offers helicopter skydiving experiences for anyone looking for a thrill, including first-timers. Two English-speaking instructors are available to take adventure seekers 10,000 feet over Ago Bay for the view of a lifetime.

Located at Taso Shirahama Beach that looks out into the spectacular Ago Bay, the Ise-Shima Skydiving club offers a unique experience for anyone looking for high-flying adventure.
They are one of the few skydiving operators in the world that takes thrill-seekers to the jumping altitude by helicopter.
Once the participants are in the air, the incredible beauty of the Ise-Shima rias coast stretching out below will amaze them.

The English-speaking skydiving instructors at Ise-Shima Skydiving Club are experienced, friendly and ready to help visitors make a memory they will never forget.
Rhys Brady (New Zealand) and Ronny Christoph (Germany) have been working together for six years and have a combined 25 years of professional skydiving experience.

Everything you need to ensure that your skydiving experience is safe and fun is provided.
Once you arrive, the training and pre-jump activities typically take less than 30 minutes and then you will be whisked to 10,000 feet for your tandem jump.
Feel the rush of the free-fall and then just hang out and enjoy the spectacular views as you comfortably descend to earth and touch down back where you started on the white sand of Taso Shirahama Beach.
〒516-0222 度会郡南伊勢町田曽浦124 田曽白浜センターハウス
Official website
Visit Website
Business hours
¥49,800 (including tax)
Access by public transportation
About 5 minutes walk from Taso Shirahama bus stop, which is 30 minutes from Kintetsu Railway’s Ugata Station by bus.

〈Access to “Ugata” Station〉
[From Osaka] Take about 2 hours and 45 minutes by Kintetsu Railway.
[From Nagoya] Take about 2 hours by Kintetsu Railway.

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