Ise Jingu Geku (Toyo'uke-daijingu) 伊勢神宮 外宮(豊受大神宮)

"Oise-mairi" (pilgrimage to Ise Jingu Shrine) starts from "Geku". The god and guardian of three essentials of human life, namely cloth, food and shelter, are to be worshipped.

Whereas Naiku of Ise Jingu is dedicated to Amaterasu-Omikami, Geku is dedicated to Toyo'uke-no-Omikami, who is believed to be the guardian of three essentials of human life, cloth, food and shelter, and of the industries.
Since the ancient times, it has been customary to worship at Geku first and then at Naiku, which is called "Geku Sensai".

The "Omotesando Hiyokebashi" Bridge, which is the entrace to Geku, has been named "Hiyokebashi" (meaning the bridge to evade the fire) because the water of the river has protected the sacred area from fire.
When you pass the "Torii" (gateway) and walk by the long approach stepping the gravels with the gentle sunlight filtered through the trees, you will be filled with the refreshing, purified feeling.

Geku is conveniently located as it is only about 5 minutes walk away from Iseshi Station.
On the way from the station, there is the "Geku Sando" street which has fashionable shops alongside, so you could also enjoy shopping.
0596-24-1111(Jingu Administration Office)
Official website
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Business hours
[Hour of worship]
■October, November, December: 05:00 - 17:00
■January, February, March, April, September: 05:00 - 18:00
■May, June, July, August: 05:00 - 19:00
Access by public transportation
Approx. five minutes walk from JR・Kintetsu Railway's "Iseshi" Station.

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