Oharai-machi おはらい町

A town that developed near the gate of Ise Jingu Shrine. Visitors are sure to feel at ease by the old fashioned atmosphere.

After worshiping at Ise Jingu, take a stroll in the old town.
From the Ujibashi Bridge, which is the entrance to Naiku, there is a stone-paved alley stretching along the Isuzugawa River, and standing by this alley there are many wooden Japanese style buildings reminiscent of the old days, such as gift shops, famous confectionary stores, travellers' lodge, etc.
This is a place where many worshippers came since the ancient days.
If you wonder about the distant past, your mind may time-travel for a moment.
If you turn into the maze-like alley, you might feel like you have entered into a mystery zone.
It may also be fun to tease around with the feeling of being lost.
Enjoy buying some snack to eat as you walk or buying some souvenirs.
〒516-0000 伊勢市宇治今在家町・宇治中之切町
0596-28-3705(Ise City Tourism Association)
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Business hours
15 minutes by bus going to "Naiku-mae" departing from either Iseshi Station or Ujiyamada Station. Get off at "Naiku-mae" bus stop.

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