Okage Yokocho おかげ横丁

A town that developed near the gate of Ise Jingu Shrine. A district that is particularly popular and crowded.

"Okage Yokocho" is in the middle of "Oharai-machi", a town that developed near the gate of Ise Jingu Shrine's Naiku.
There are many little stalls like you see at fairs, and every day is like a festival with so much commotion, and you will also notice the good smell that arouses your appetite that comes from all directions.
It is best to have a light lunch and enjoy buying snacks to eat as you walk.
You will find traditional Japanese confections made by a top notch store, which travellers from the old days have bought as gifts, and also numerous other Japanese style merchandises.
It is most certain that visitors will get serious about finding gifts.
This is a popular spot for visitors to Ise Jingu Shrine as a place to eat, have fun and buy gifts.
〒516-8558 伊勢市宇治中之切町52
0596-23-8838(Okage Yokocho Information Center)
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Business hours
9:30 - 17:30 (varies depending on the store and season)
Access by public transportation
Get off at Kintetsu Railway's "Ujiyamada" Station. Get on the bus heading for "Naiku-mae", ride for about 20 minutes, get off at "Jingu Kaikan-mae" bus stop and walk for 1 minute.

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