Iwato no Shio Kobo (Iwato Salt Factory) 岩戸の塩工房

In 2021 they relocated and opened a new workshop with a small shop next to it. At Iwato no Shio Kobo, salt is produced following 2,000-year-old traditional methods by boiling the brackish water. If you call in advance, Mr. Momoki, the owner will even show you the workshop.
Iwato no Shio Kobo salt is ordered from all over the country and some customers even come to Futami to buy it directly from the shop. By using traditional techniques, Iwato no Shio Kobo produces salt that is richer in nutrients, and thus healthier. As the workshop is located between the sea and the mountain, the salt contains nutrients from both areas.
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Access by public transportation
30 min on foot or 5 min by car from Futamiura Sta. (JR)

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