Be Amazed by the Prehistoric Natural Beauty of Dorokyo Gorge

Be Amazed by the Prehistoric Natural Beauty of Dorokyo Gorge

Doro Gorge (Dorokyo), also known as “Doro-haccho”, is located in the spectacular Yoshino-Kumano National Park where the borders of Mie, Nara and Wakayama Prefectures meet. The pristine forests, towering cliffs and bright blue-green waters of the gorge surround visitors and fill your senses with the wonder of nature. Dorokyo is registered as a “Special Place of Scenic Beauty Natural Monument”. Each season offers a unique palette of colors to amaze those who make the journey into the mountains.

Caption: The virgin forests of Dorokyo and Yoshino-Kumano National Park are amazing.

On the way back to the pier, I was able to truly enjoy the views on the second pass. I put my camera away and just took in the wild outcroppings of rocks, untamed forests and emerald waters of the gorge. It had been a perfect cruise in one of Japan’s most spectacular natural areas. The Dorokyo is a must-see spot for anyone who loves nature and you can enjoy that nature even more by touring Dorokyo over the water.

Jet boat cruises ended in 2020. 
However, awesome activities are available so that you can enjoy the specular view of Dorokyo,
 such as going downstream in a riverboat or raft instead.

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