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2020's winning entries《Autumn》

After a tough review process, the results to Autumn of the #visitmie Photo Contest are in!
Thank you to everyone who entered, as well as everyone who participated by liking your favorite photos and video!


#visitmie Special Prize

Yunoyama Onsen peteleongphotography

Location Yunoyama Onsen MAP

Sekita Shrine emicovan

Location Sekita Shrine MAP

Nabana no Sato mie_eetoko

Location Nabana no Sato MAP

Ise Grand Shrine jacaranda19888

Location Ise Grand Shrine MAP

Tauin-ji Temple ken76dm2

Location Tauin-ji Temple MAP

Bindama Road abuabu.photo.gr

Location Bindama Road MAP

Sea Dream jetfin100

Location Sea Dream MAP

Suzuka Flower Park m_mstaya

Location Suzuka Flower Park MAP

Tokotome-no-Sato ma_to_ko

Location Tokotome-no-Sato MAP

Giant camphor tree of Nago (Nago no Okutsu) h_yamaga

Location Giant camphor tree of Nago (Nago no Okutsu) MAP

Marina Kawage ta_ke1010

Location Marina Kawage MAP

Ogi Pass popolomoro

Location Ogi Pass MAP

Akame 48 Falls subir_photo

Location Akame 48 Falls MAP

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