Kashikojima España Cruise (Ago Bay cruise) 賢島エスパーニャクルーズ【あご湾遊覧】

Cruise ship styled after the Spanish tall ship of the 16th century Age of Exploration.

Go on a luxurious and comfortable 50 minutes cruise on the cruise ship "Esperanza", which is built to resemble a Spanish tall ship of the 16th century Age of Exploration, along the deep blue colored Ago Bay, watching scenes such as the pearl cuturing rafts or the beautiful rias coast.
It will surely be a great experience to spend a luxurious moment on the ship, on serene waters being blown by the ocean breeze.

A cruise of one round of Ago Bay is 50 minutes.
During the cruise, the ship will stop by a pearl culturing factory and you will be able to see how the core of a cultured pearl is implanted into the pearl oyster.
0599-43-1023(Shima Marine Leisure Co., Ltd., Kashikojima Sales Office)
Official website
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Business hours
09:30 - 16:30
Adult: ¥1,600
Child: ¥800
Access by public transportation
2 minute walk from Kintetsu "Kashikojima" Station.

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