Illumination at Nabana no Sato 2018-2019! We are going to introduce the details such as highlights, prices, the access information, etc.

Illumination at Nabana no Sato 2018-2019! We are going to introduce the details such as highlights, prices, the access information, etc.

This year’s theme is "JAPAN ~ The Scenery of Japan ~"
The illumination site at "Nabana no Sato" located in Kuwana city of Mie Prefecture boasting Japan’s largest scale and highest quality of illumination displays, is a popular spot bustling with many tourists every year.

Because the theme changes every year, many people are looking forward to it each year as a winter specialty.
It is so beautiful that it has won the nationwide night view spots contest in the "Illumination Division" in which professionals in night spot viewing act as judges.
We are going to introduce the highlights of the illumination in Nabana no Sato in detail.

How much is the entrance fee?
The admission fee for Nabana no Sato is 2,300 yen (tax included/ elementary school students and above). However, within the price of 2,300 yen a 1,000-yen cash coupon is included, and it can be used at Nabana no Sato.
There are also souvenir shops and eateries inside the park, so you can enjoy shopping with using the cash coupon while enjoying watching the illumination.
Once you buy an admission ticket and pass through the entrance gate, there will be a monument with "20" written on it right in front of you. This year, Nabana no Sato is celebrating its 20th anniversary since its opening! It is also the 15th anniversary of the illumination displays. Firstly, make sure to take a photo here to remember the moment!

Highlight ① "Superb view"! The Tunnel of Light
The "Tunnel of Light" of 200 meters in length made the illumination site at Nabana no Sato very famous. This fantastic space created with the most modern LEDs shaped like "cute petals" is a popular spot even for Nabana no Sato itself.
In 2013, it was introduced even in the bestseller series “Must visit places before one dies! The world's greatest views” (the author is a producer of famous views named Shiho)!

In this "Tunnel of Light", if there are puddles on the ground, you can also take this kind of pictures with reflections!
The light reflects in puddles, and it seems that it spreads right at your feet! There is no doubt that photogenic pictures can be taken at this popular "Tunnel of Light" by camera and photography enthusiasts.

※ The photo is an entry work for "The 47th Mie Touristic Photo Contest".

Highlight ② The theme of the illumination area which changes every year!
The biggest charm of Nabana no Sato is the illumination of the main venue which changes from year to year.
This year's theme is "JAPAN ~ The Scenery of Japan ~" and it is an illumination display with 14 scenes and the show of 7 minutes 30 seconds in length expressing Japanese traditions and history such as Ukiyo-e and Japanese old stories as well as scenic spots from various places in Japan including Mount Fuji and others.
With its magnificent scale of about 35 m in height and 155 m in width and delicate and colorful expressions using the newest type of LEDs it is exactly what can be called a “superb view”. Here, we will briefly introduce some of the 14 scenes.

This is an illumination with the motif of the oldest story in Japan "The Kaguya Hime".
It is an impressive scene depicting the princess Kaguya clad in a junihitoe-type kimono standing in a bamboo grove and the moon that shines in the sky. There is a rabbit on the moon as it is supposed to be, and he is even pounding rice mochi!
By the way, it seems that the tradition that says that "there is a rabbit on the moon" has spread around other countries in Asia besides Japan.

Here is illumination with the motif of 18th century paintings by the Ukiyo-e painter Hokusai from the series "Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji".
Mount Fuji which is painted red by the morning sunlight on a sunny day and the contrast between the sky and the clouds create a beautiful scene.

This scene expressing Mt. Fuji and the rough waves is a powerful one showing the waves which seem to be forming splashes as they swell greatly!
It is a scene that makes one feel the magnificence of nature and the magnificence of Mt. Fuji which is pictured sitting still the behind the waves.

In this scene expressing a traditional Japanese festival a colorful "Kazaguruma" and "lanterns" are shown. The music changes with the image of a Japanese festival.
This illumination is suitable for the theme "JAPAN ~ The Scenery of Japan ~" as the landscapes, traditions and culture with which Japan prides itself to the world are expressed by it! We definitely would like our foreign guests to see this ♪
Since there are many other attractive scenes that come up during the show, we recommend that you make sure to experience this magnificent and beautiful illumination!

Highlight ③ The fantastic 100-meter light tunnel "Lavender"
The second tunnel of light "The Lavender" inside the garden can be enjoyed because of its atmosphere which is different from the bright and gorgeous first light tunnel.
It is a fantastic space made with an image of a vast land over which growing lavender spreads as far as one can see.

As the lavender buds and since it is expressed as it gradually changes, the color gradually changes too.
The sight of being immersed into purple light is very photogenic! Many people take pictures here♪

Highlight ④ The largest scale on-water illumination "The Great River of Light"
"The Great River of Light" is the largest on-water illumination in Japan.
The motif is that of the big river which flows near Nabana no Sato with the main point being the changes and movements of light imitating the flow of waterfalls, etc. Anyhow, it's very big and vast, which lets you enjoy this illumination display from various angles depending on the place you watch it from!
People who like photographs seem to be enjoying watching this illumination while searching for their own perfect shooting spot.

Highlight ⑤ The newly released "Shiba Sakura"! The sea of light
In addition to the traditional blue light illumination, this installation made with an image of the "Shiba Sakura" has newly appeared this year!
Because its two patterns change as the time passes, this year we can enjoy "the sea of light" twice as much♪

Highlight ⑥ You can eat warm yakisoba here right on the spot! A large yakisoba iron plate is in action
In front of Nabana no Sato’s local beer garden a demonstration of a large yakisoba iron plate followed by sales of the noodles takes place next to the garden seats!
Using a large iron plate with the size of 1.5 m by 6 m, 10 cooks are making yakisoba for up to 500 people at the same time while chanting "turn out delicious ~"!
Scoops are used to mix the yakisoba fried noodles. These warm yakisoba noodles made on this big iron plate are really delicious! It’s our recommendation ♪
Starting time: approximately from 17:00

Place: front of the local beer garden at Nabana no Sato

Highlight ⑦ Abundance of eateries!
There is a total of 10 food and drink spots in the garden of Nabana no Sato, ranging from the Japanese and Chinese cuisines and from authentic Italian restaurants to simple cafés by which you can casually stop! It is perfect to be able to please your stomach while watching the illumination!
Since your 1,000-yen cash coupons can be used, after enjoying the illumination it is good to have a dinner at the restaurant!!

For details
please see the garden map

Extra edition: Interesting souvenir series found in Nabana no Sato

We have found a cushion with a print of Ukiyo-e!
It is a unique souvenir which perfectly matches this year's theme "JAPAN ~ The Scenery of Japan". Because it is quite large, it is good to buy it right before leaving.

Product name: Japanese Popular Culture-themed Large Cushion 3,780yen (tax included)

This here is face towels on which Ukiyo-e are printed.
The design comes from Hokusai's paintings “Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji” which are also expressed by the illumination. Because it costs only 1,080 yen (including tax), you can purchase it just with your cash coupon (1,000-yen worth) given at the time of entry into the garden!

Product name: Face towel with print 1,080 yen (tax included)

This is a series of limited goods which are on sale in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Nabana no Sato's opening - the "heart-shaped financiers" with the strawberry taste.
Nabana no Sato is also very popular as a dating spot, so when people visit here while on dates, they like to buy these cute financiers for souvenirs.
Since a lot of other cute souvenirs including sweets are on sale, please make sure to check out them all♪

Product name: Heart-shaped Financiers 970 yen (tax included)

The illumination at Nabana no Sato powers up from year to year.
It was very convincing why the contents of the attraction got evaluated highly on various review sites such as Trip Advisor and others!

Starting from December 2018, direct busses linking Tokyo and "Nagashima Resort" including Nabana no Sato will be in operation! It will be easier for people to access the area from also Tokyo, so it is expected to be crowded with a lot of tourists again this year ♪

Basic information

Illumination at Nabana no Sato

Duration: October 20 (Sat), 2018 - May 6 (Saturday, national holiday), 2019
Illumination starting time: around 17:00 (may change depending on sunset times, etc.) ~ until the end of business hours.
Business hours: 9:00 - 21:00
→ Weekdays and January 1st *Except 12/25, 12/28, 1/2-1/4, 3/1-5/6
9:00 - 22:00
→ Saturdays and national holidays and specific dates (12/25, 12/28, 1/2-1/4, 3/1-5/6)
Entrance fee: 2,300 yen (elementary school students and above) * 1,000-yen cash coupon which can be used inside Nabana no Sato is included

Address:270,Urushibata,Komae,Nagashima-cho,Kuwana City,Mie Prefecture 511-1144
Phone number:0594-41-0787
Official website:

○ By car
(From Nagoya and Osaka direction) About 10 minutes on the Ise Wangan Expressway, get off at the Wangan Nagashima Interchange
※ Free parking (5700 spaces)
○ By train
10 minutes by direct bus to "Nabana no Sato" from Kintetsu Nagashima Station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line
※ Sets including "Kintetsu train round-trip ticket" + "Round-trip bus ticket" + “Nabana no Sato entry ticket” are on sale
○ Direct bus from the Nagoya Meitetsu bus center. It takes about 30 minutes by the direct bus bound for "Nabana no Sato"
※ From December 1, 2018, direct buses to Nagashima Resort will start operating from the Yokohama Sky Building and the Ikebukuro Sunshine Bus Center
※ Please check the access details on the official website.

* The posted information is as of October 2018.

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