Ahhh Summer in Japan! at Jyonohama Swimming Beach & Pool

Ahhh Summer in Japan! at Jyonohama Swimming Beach & Pool

I’ve been having this love and hate relationship with summer in Japan for the past 23 years.
As the whole world knows, Japan is an island with the Sea of Japan to one side, and the North Pacific Ocean to the other, however, just like I had no clue how hot summer in Japan was, many foreigners probably don’t know either!
The high humidity makes the heat scorching, sometimes making it even unbearable to stay outdoors for too long.

Fortunately, there’s a bright side that makes summer in Japan a season to be loved and enjoyed! During summer, we have so many festivals all over Japan.
This is the season people wear yukata (it’s like a summer version of kimono) and go to a firework festival. We can drink beverages and eat food prepared only during this season! We can have barbecues by the river, and of course, go to the beach! And Mie is blessed to have so many beautiful beaches, and one of them was our today’s destination.

One of ourfavorite and most beautiful beaches in Mie islocated in Kihoku town.

Actually, this beach that we were invited to go to, we have been coming to for years, and the person who introduced me to this amazing place was my best friend Jon Richards. Jon has been living in Japan for about 3 decades. He’s the most outdoorsy person I know and he comes to the beach, probably 8 months a year, Yup, Jon only knows two seasons, winter and summer, summer being the longest, of course, and lasting 8 months for him, so when I was invited to have a fun day at the beach, of course I had to bring him!

But before telling you the great time that we had at the beach, let me show this amazing camping site called the Magotaro Auto Camping. How have I never came to this place before?! 

As soon as we got there, I was amazed by this view of the ocean. There are trees to one side and the ocean with pristine water to othe ther side!

We met the manager of Magotaro Camping site, Mr. Umemori, a really nice and kind gentleman, who showed us the whole area. 

The first place he took us was to the area in front of the ocean. What a magnificent view! Although it’s not permitted to swim in this part of the beach, people can do other activities such as fishing, kayaking and SUP. Owning a Stand Up board myself, of course I loved it! 

I’ve never camped in Japan but I’m willing to try camping for the first time if it’s in Magotaro. They have really great facilities, 86 areas for camping, and 25 of them with electricity.

There’s even one part which is designed for dog owners.

They also have 9 cottages in different sizes and accommodation capacity, the biggest can accommodate 10 people.

The size of the room is quite impressive. This one accommodates 5 people. At all cottages, you can bring and prepare your own food and have a private barbecue,

While looking at this gorgeous view!

Mr. Umemori told us that the cottages are quite popular among families and group of friends. Especially this time of the year, during school summer vacation in Japan, the cottages are all booked!

Finally, last but DEFINITELY not least at all, the place I had been waiting to see with my own eyes, the glamorous camping, aka glamping! The first time I heard about it, I was really curious to know how the inside looked and guess what?! It was everything that I expected and even more. 

Inside was so fancy and super glamorous that I almost forgot we were in a camping site. Well, I guess it’s the contrast that gives this place a special touch, a fancy spot in the middle of a wild camping site. And what my eyes saw confirmed what I knew already, this place is quite popular among couples, especially young ones. And who wouldn’t want to stay here?! I would without any doubt! So if you’re interested, you have to hurry to make a reservation because being so popular, it definitely has a waiting list.

Renting the glamping also means you have access to this fancy outdoor barbecue area. Here, you can enjoy barbecue dishes using local ingredients for dinner.

And of course, there is a private bathroom for the glamping which is located by the barbecue area. 

Magotaro has another spot that can be used by everyone staying there, this cute sauna! It's a barrel-shaped sauna called a barrel sauna.Just make a reservation and you can enjoy the sauna for 90 minutes. Once you finish, you can cool down your body in the bathtub.

There’s also a short trail for those interested in exploring the area. 
Mr. Umemori told us that sometimes deers, monkeys and even wild boars come down from the forest to look for food! So if you come to Magotaro, make sure to secure your food! 

The overview information of the entire camping area.

And finally one important thing that I had to mention, Magotaro has free Wi-Fi! That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you’re just staying for a day, spending the night, renting the cottage or the glamping, everyone has access to their Wi-Fi for FREE!!! Isn’t this place amazing?! I can’t wait to be back and explore more about the area, and of course, to paddle in this beautiful part of sea.

Magotaro Auto Campsite
Access : Asama Coast,Higashinagashima, Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun, Mie Pref.
HP : https://magotarou.com/
TEL : 0597-47-5371

Once we finished our visit to Magotaro Camping area, we headed to Jyonohama Swimming Beach & Pool Visitor Center. This great recreational center has just opened in time for summer, so we were invited to check the swimming pool. 

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