Mijumaru Train: Pokémon on the Rails of Mie

Mijumaru Train: Pokémon on the Rails of Mie

When I told my 7 and 10-year-old sons that we would ride the Mijumaru Train, they first looked through their hundreds of Pokémon cards (the Pokémon Trading Card Game) and Pokémon MEZASTAR tags (tags that are distributed for the "Pokémon MEZASTAR" arcade game.) After a short while, they found the Mijumaru card and the Futachimaru tag to bring with them, as if they were train tickets.

This brand produces some collaborative products of Mijumaru and Ise Momen cotton, which is one of Mie’s traditional crafts, ranging from tenugui (traditional Japanese hand towels), to makeup bags. According to the clerk, the green tenugui was the best-selling item in the shop. My younger son chose that one, whereas his brother picked the blue one. Thus, my promise was kept.

Well, as a Pokémon fan, I didn’t forget to get something for myself, of course. But my souvenir was back in Tsu. Oboro Towel Company has been making towels for over 100 years in Tsu City. After the collaboration of Mie and Mijumaru, the company produced Mijumaru-illustrated towels. And I got mine at FAN’S SHOP OBORO, which is inside the factory.

Thanks to Mijumaru, we really had a wonderful day. We couldn’t have hoped for a better day for the kids right before school started again. When we returned home, we looked at the Mijumaru illustrations of every collaboration item we bought to decide which one was the cutest. In the end, all of us came up with different opinions. I wonder if you and your kids would pick the same one…
Take a Mijumaru day on a weekend and see and decide for yourself.

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