Family Farm Fun at Mokumoku in Mie

Family Farm Fun at Mokumoku in Mie

Why not try something totally different and great for all ages? When travelers come to Japan there is the list of must do’s, temples, sushi, samurai history– but sometimes the biggest memory makers will be something totally unexpected. I had a chance to explore food and local agriculture from a completely unique perspective and realized that there was so much to be gained from having experiences that are both global and special to Japan. The experiential farm of Mokumoku in Mie was so much fun and I know this would also be especially enjoyable for families!

Written by Lauren Shannon

All of the buildings at Mokumoku have a friendly farm vibe

The full name in Japanese of this interesting location is “Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm” (locally known as Mokumoku Farm). Tezukuri is the way to speak about DIY and handmade or having a real experience where you use all of your 5 senses. It is a super engaging, agricultural theme park located in Iga, Mie prefecture.

Map of the Agricultural theme park (downloadable as a pdf on their website)

The area of the park is huge, and there are so many things to see, do, eat and experience. You can see from their map that there are different themed locations and wonderful trees, greenery and walking paths. This is a great place to get out some excess energy for kids on their Japan journey and very different from the traditional touristic activities. One interesting aspect is that you can enjoy the familiar atmosphere of a farm but still experience some specific only-in-Japan moments. Plus it is such a nice break in a busy trip, to take some time out and enjoy nature.

Across the 14-hectare farm there are restaurants, shops, and studios for various hands-on activities. You can visit with farm animals, harvest local fruits and vegetables and learn so much about food, farming and raising livestock. There is also a fantastic and educational accommodation package. I had a chance to see and do a lot at Mokumoku Farm and I only scratched the surface. There is something for everyone.

Visitors can enjoy food edu-tainment, (education + entertainment) seeing how products are grown, but also getting active harvesting food or cooking, making and eating something right on site.

Some of Mokumoku’s famous sausage products

Mokumoku is famous for their high quality meat products, especially sausages! I had the delicious pleasure of joining a sausage making class in one of the cooking studios. I learned all the steps, made my own link sausage from high quality pork, and then cooked and ate them with the lovely Mokumoku staff.

Getting started with my sausages

Exciting to start to see results, making a long sausage before making links

The best part is cooking and trying my handmade sausage!

The cooking classrooms are wonderful, clean and spacious. After washing up and getting some general instructions we got to work making sausages together. We learned all the steps for making tasty sausages. The ones for this session were frankfurter style but there are different experiences to choose from. In addition to sausage making there are baking and other cooking experiences available too.

If you just want EAT sausage and not make it, they have you covered. There are great beer and sausage eating spots, both a sit down restaurant and various food stalls. And something I really loved were the handmade and charming signs and displays throughout the park. They are full of whimsy and are sure to make visitors smile!

This adorable beer and sausage display was so charming and fun

If you’d like to learn about harvesting there are so many options depending on the season. You can pick Japanese strawberries and other fruits, and one of the most exciting options is to visit their Shitake Mushroom farm.

Baby shiitake growing in the greenhouses

You can learn how shiitake grow, pick your own and even try grilling and eating them! This is a unique experience and people interested in Japanese cuisine will love to learn more about this delicious mushroom variety that has become famous the world over.

Of course no farm experience would be complete without the chance to meet farm animals and learn about raising livestock. Mokumoku has a wide range of happy furry friends in their care, pigs, cows, ponies, donkeys and goats are just a few of the residents on this farm.

I loved meeting this charming new resident, a handsome baby boy cow

There are a lot of opportunities to meet the farm animals up close

There are educational classes and shows about the animals and chances to get up close and personal with the local creatures. I particularly enjoyed meeting one of the newest residents, an adorable baby cow and saying hello to a friendly donkey while I was there. There are events scheduled every day throughout the day so you can pick and choose what you want to put into your farm-stay schedule.

Mokumoku farm has another amazing feature to make your experience even better. You can book one of their cute mushroom shaped cottages for an overnight stay.

Cute cottages: great for everyone in the family

Cozy casual and child friendly interiors of the themed cottages

These family friendly accommodations are adorable, comfortable and are a great gateway for even more opportunities to learn, see and do! Each cottage has a name and theme related to the farm and is decorated with that theme in mind. They are used for school groups and families. When you stay over at Mokumoku you can book special “work-play” experiences that are only available for overnight guests. Sign up for early morning farm work, feed the animals, walk in the woods with the local hosts. There are nearly limitless opportunities. There are activities in the check in lodge, in the connected classroom and across the facility.

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