Cycling and A Spa Stay That Was So Much more

Cycling and A Spa Stay That Was So Much more

Spending the day and an overnight in Komono Town, Mie was filled with explorations, relaxation and delicious discoveries. It was amazing to pedal around “off the beaten track” and then enjoy all the amazing options and possibilities at Aqua Ignis Kataoka Onsen. Surprises and tasty treasures exceeded my expectations.

There are many dining options, art and music events and activities featured throughout the year at Aqua Ingis, but one surprising feature was the herb garden and the strawberry picking green houses. Japan is famous for amazing strawberry species. We were too early to pick this time but I am really looking forward to going back! If you visit in the proper season (from winter to spring) you can pick and eat many different kinds of famous berry varieties grown in the expansive green house.

Lovely sunset at Aqua Ignis

Staying at Aqua Ignis is more than just an accommodation. This is a place that combines idining, sightseeing, relaxing and enjoying unique experiences all in one location. Not to mention a famous hot spring onsen bath. You will want for nothing in this beautiful place. I loved every moment of my stay here and I found the Komobility cycling and spa stay fun and relaxing in every way.

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