Time Travel by Boat and Unique Shopping in Ise

Time Travel by Boat and Unique Shopping in Ise

Ise Jingu is a destination for local and global travelers. The area is rich with history, artistry, and local delicious foods. Step back in time on a unique boat tour and then make the most of the amazing shops and dishes in the area with a unique coupon program sponsored by Ise City.

Unforgettable Beef Bowl

Unforgettable Beef Bowl
On the first floor you can purchase good quality meat or have your beef rice bowl or hotpot in a lunch set. On the second floor, you can eat sukiyaki or grilled beef. You can also purchase the menchi katsu to add to your lunch or to take out from the shopfront. We ate inside and enjoyed our delicious beef bowl sets. The sauce was amazing and we loved the local croquette too! This was one of the best beef bowls I ever tried, sweet and savory sauce, tender beef and just the perfect portion. It really was perfect!

Visiting Ise Shrine is a deep cultural experience and combining shopping and eating in the local area with the Ise Walking Map coupons will make your journey even more enjoyable and memorable (as well as truly delicious)

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