The Best Place to Surf in Japan

The Best Place to Surf in Japan

Today, we are exploring the coastal city of Shima!

Shima is the peninsula on the easternmost part of Mie and it’s known for its untouched natural beauty and limitless coastline. Shima is surrounded by 3 bodies of water and I was super excited to explore each area.

I’ll be starting the day by surfing on the Pacific Ocean, then driving up to the tip of the Matoya Bay, and finishing off with an iconic view of the Ago Bay, somewhere that’s been on my bucket list for a long time.

Let’s go!


The peninsula city of Shima is quite hard to get to.

But once you’re here, there’s so many incredible views, wide open beaches, and endless ways to enjoy yourself.

It’s one of the best summer destinations of Japan that I’ve been to and I’m sure you’ll love Shima just as much as I did!

〇Playa surf

〇Ueda Shoten

〇Anorisaki Lighthouse

〇Kabuku Resort

〇YokoyamaObservatory Deck

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