A Stay at VISON, Day 1: A Healing Eden for Grown-Ups

A Stay at VISON, Day 1: A Healing Eden for Grown-Ups

Mie Prefecture can satisfy almost every traveler — the culinary perfectionist, the history buff, the spiritual seeker, the ninja diehard, the thrill addict, and of course, the skirt-twirling In-stagrammer who will be delighted to find endless novel spots to showcase for extra Likes.

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While I have so far covered a large number of attractions across Mie Prefecture in my past articles, including the iconic Ise Jingu pilgrimage, rich cultural experiences such as the Ama divers and Iga ninja, the pristine nature of Akame 48 Waterfalls, Instagenic spots like the Shima Mediterranean Village and Nabana No Sato, and last but not least lots of tantalizing, first-class culinary delights such as Matsusaka beef and Ise-ebi (lobster), Mie continues to charm me with new allures each time I visit.

This time around, I ventured into the humble little suburb district tucked in central Mie called Taki Town, to witness for myself one of the largest commercial resorts in Japan, which has just newly opened this year, 2021 — VISON.

As we drove along the winding road leading up to what seems like a real-life “Laputa,” I was astonished by how boundlessly this contemporary castle in the sky stretches into the dis-tance, gently watched over by a serene range of mountains.

VISON, if written in the Japanese kanji, means “beautiful village.” Combining luxurious villas with open-air baths, a farm-to-table market, a therapeutic spa and lots of carefully curated dining spots, VISON brings together Mie’s finest all in one place.

While I was surprised that the resort developer chose a small town setting far removed from all the popular tourist spots, a background check into this grand project has me convinced that this is indeed a stroke of genius, “killing two birds with one stone” endeavor that pro-vides a unique experience that will satisfy even the most seasoned travelers, while also giv-ing a much needed boost to local economy.

I pulled up my car at the parking lot paved with little river pebbles instead of the usual as-phalt in order to preserve the natural atmosphere as close to its original as possible, and I was then greeted by the stunning edifice of the hotel lobby. 

It seems like the good news has traveled fast as the check-in lobby was filled with excited guests from both in and outside of the prefecture. Eagerly lugging my bags into my room — the most standard accommodation type in the resort — I squealed a little with delight. What appeared in front of me were two sizable beds next to a balcony overlooking the misty mountains. The best part was the bathroom, where you can completely slide the windows open, which leads you onto the spacious balcony.

Spa lovers will also be delighted to find that VISON’s stately Honzo Spa is serious business. The collaborative effort of Mie University and Rohto Pharmaceutical brought together the best of “honzogaku” — traditional medicinal herbs to ensure the resort guests will all go home feeling rejuvenated.

For those who want to pamper themselves further, note that there are also lots of spa and beauty treatments to indulge in. I chose a quick reflexology massage to prep myself for more walking the next day.

Life is good, I thought to myself while soaking in the warm bath exuding a faint scent of mixed herbs. I am really liking this seamless blend of thoughtful comfort and unspoiled natural surroundings.

But wait… this healing journey did not just end there. In the evening, I headed over to the Marche area and treated myself to a scrumptious dinner at Ryouginkosyo, a meat specialty restaurant. Most recommended item on the menu is the iconic king and queen of foods of Mie — Matsusaka Beef and Ise-ebi. What’s special is that you can savor this deluxe meal in different ways, including ochazuke style - served with lobster bisque and rich bone broth.

There is much more to see and do in VISON, but it was time to wind down so that I could fully enjoy the very comfy bed awaiting me in my room. Next up, I will explore other areas yet to be covered, including the morning market, the Sweets Village, Atelier and more. I can hardly wait to explore this therapeutic wonderland made for grown-ups.

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