Mie Perk Campaign

What is the "Mie Perk Smartphone Campaign" ?

Scan QR code and show the coupon on your screen, you can enjoy the Omotenashi service of the particular facilities!

  • In addition, Respond to the questionnaire and attain 1 to 5 points, as well as the coupon and gift from the facilities!
  • Attain 5 points or more to enter a lucky draw for our grand prizes!
  • (*) “Mie Travel Information Centers” are only providing “points”.
  • (*)Only those who use the facility for a fee can attain points.
Mie Perk Smartphone Campaign
Prizes 1
Nice service at
“Mie Travel Concierge”
Prizes 2
Getting luxury prizes
by the points you have!

Prize 1

Scan QR code and show the coupon on your screen,
you can enjoy the Omotenashi service of the particular facilities!

Remember this sticker! Scan QR code and register!
Enjoy the Omotenashi service of the particular facilities!
(*) “Mie Travel Information Centers” are only providing “points”.

Prize 2

After enjoy the Omotenashi service, answer the questionnaire and attain points!
Collect 5 points or more for a chance to win deluxe prizes!

Answer the questionnaire and attain points! A chance to increase points with a lucky draw!(1~5point)
Attain 5 points or more and apply for the lottery!
You can apply as many times as you like! Let's apply more and more!

About the "Mie Perk present"

About the prizes

Mie'sRelaxation Prize
Overnight stey vouchers for two
Mie's Relaxation Prize
Mie'sTreasure Prize
Mie's special product
Mie's Treasure Prize
Mie's Fun Prize
Mie's facility Invitation ticket etc.
Mie's Fun Prize

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6th Application Period
March 4, 2022 - August 31, 2022


Get a second chance! 100 people will win!

Make the most of your trip to Mie
with special hospitality from these shops!

  • Special Campaign in Mie Makes For Fun Trip in Kumano

    Special Campaign in Mie Makes For Fun Trip in Kumano

    My recent trip to Kumano, Mie Prefecture turned out to be as great as I hoped, but also ended up being a little sweeter than I had expected. I discovered Mie's special campaign that gives away all sorts of treats and discounts for participating in super easy surveys when visiting restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. Read more to find out about this ongoing program!



Q.What is the campaign?

Visitors can scan the QR code at the Mie Travel Concierge and answer an online questionnaire. Various kinds of hospitality service will be provided. (1 questionnaire of 1 facility per day)

In addition, 1 point will be given for the questionnaire responded, visitors can apply big prizes with 5 or more collected points.  

Q.What should I do if I want to change the registered email address?

No change can be made on registered address. Please do the registration again if you wish to use another email for the campaign.

Q.How can I apply for the prizes in this campaign?

From the “My page” displayed after answering the questionnaire upon the collection of 5 points, you can apply for the gifts.

Q.Please let me know what I should do to scan the QR code.

Please refer to the page 3 of the “pointing tool”.

Q.Are there any limitations on the registration email address?

Please register email addresses you can check by your mobile devices as you need to complete a registration through an email. Besides, thank you mails will be sent to you in HTML format after the first-time registration so we recommend using email you can get access to through your portable devices.  

Q. I answered the questionnaire previously and found the coupon can no longer be used. What should I do?

Coupons can only be used within the same day and invalid coupons will be deleted. Answer the questionnaire again to attain the “hospitality service” and get another point.

Q.What presents can I apply in this campaign?

Apply with 5 points for “Mie's Treasure Prize” (Mie's Regional Specialities), 10 points for “Mie's Fun Prize” (Tickets for Hands-On Experience in Mie), and 15 points for “Mie's Relaxation Prize” (Overnight stey vouchers for two).

Q.How can I get the points?

Visit “Mie Travel Concierge” or “Mie Tourist Information Office”, scan the QR code on the POP there and register your mail (a single-time registration). Then, go answer an online questionnaire to get points. 

(You can get 1 point by answering 1 questionnaire from each facility per day.)

Q. How can I respond to the questionnaire?

Scan the QR code on the sticker on the POP and register your email address. Afterward, you will receive a registration email. Click on the URL in the mail, enter basic information, and you are then ready to answer the questionnaire.

(Only the questionnaire will be display starting from your second scan).

Q.Can I go back and change my answers in the questionnaire?

A confirmation page will be displayed upon completion of the questionnaire, please check carefully and make changes when necessary. No changes can be made after clicking the “answer” button.  

Q. I have forgotten which email I used for registration What should I do?

Please do the first-time registration again.

Q.What are the hospitality services provided by the facilities?

You can search by the facility category and check the service provided by all facilities in the "Mie Perk Smartphone Campaign" .

Q.Can I check the previous questionnaires I answered and facilities I visited?

We are afraid that facilities history is not available in the service.

Terms & conditions

  • Prizes and details of the campaign may change without advanced notice.
  • Prizes are exclusive to the participants, no transfer, change, nor cash out is allowed.
  • Information for application is encrypted in SSL for delivery.
  • Prizes of this campaign will be cancelled when awardee cannot be reached for any input mistakes in mail address during application or changes made to the addresses after application. Besides, prize will also be cancelled for any misjustice discovered.
  • Prizes will be cancelled when awardee can’t be reached over a certain time.
  • Prizes other than fresh food will be arranged for overseas awardees.
  • The organizers of this campaign are not obliged to any problems occurred in the devices during registration, respondence, and application.
  • Participants are obliged for communication fees for registration, respondence, and application of the campaign.
  • Award will be given once to the same awardee. In the case of confirmation multiple awardees as the same person based on the personal information collected, only one award would be granted. Other awards will become invalid and inapplicable.
  • Application of this campaign is done through devices with Internet service. No application is accepted through phone nor by post. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • QR Code is a registered trademark of DENDO WAVE INCORPORATED.

About personal information

  • All personal information collected in the usage, application of this service/campaign are going to be used only for the management, notification to awardees, delivery of prize, and evaluation of the sightseeing promotional policies of "Mie Rwarding in smartphones " campaign. The information will be not disclosed to any other third parties except requestws by legal institutes

Contact and Inquiries

Mie Prefecture Tourism Federation "Mie Perk Smartphone Campaign" Office
Campaign organizer
Mie Prefecture International Tourism Promotion Division, Tourism Bureau