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Enjoy the gem hunting experience at Stone Hunter Ise Shima! 1 minute walk from Toba station!


A facility where you can experience finding gems has opened just a 1-minute walk from Kintetsu/JR Toba Station! Introducing the charm of "Stone Hunter Ise Shima", an adventure facility where children can experience jewel hunting without stopping ♪

What is the gem hunting experience “Stone Hunter Ise Shima”?

Many people must have had the experience of digging in the sand and searching for gemstones when they were children. The ``Gem Hunting'' experience, where you discover gems from the sand, is a very popular experience for families, not only for children but also for adults.

Stone Hunter Ise-Shima, where you can experience finding gems, is the first in western Japan! ? A jewel-hunting experience adventure facility. You can experience searching for gemstones by yourself, such as ``mine'' and ``river'' mining, and ``geode breaking''.

moreover! There is also a ``Stone Workshop'' where you can turn the jewelry you find into accessories, so you can take home exciting memories!

In this article, we will introduce 5 charms of "Stone Hunter Ise Shima"♪

*This facility can be experienced even on rainy days, except during stormy weather.
*There is a roof for the "Gem Hunting and Mining Experience on the River", but if it is raining and windy, please prepare rain gear.

On Saturday, July 30, 2022, on CBC TV's "Hanasaka Times," we will be introducing the experience of a former gymnast, "Yoshi-oni-san," searching for jewelry!

When you arrive, first choose which gem hunting experience you would like to try at the reception desk!

*Normally, advance reservations are required only for the "Mining experience" introduced in Attraction 2, but if there is space like this day, you can experience it on the day, so please ask the staff once.


Attraction 1: Searching for gemstones on the river
Mining experience [no reservation required]

First of all, "Gem hunting experience on the river"!
There is a river with a total length of 40m, and you can experience searching for gemstones anywhere you like.

Apparently there are over 30 types of gemstones in the sand!

Find your favorite stone.

You can take all the jewels you collect home!

Furthermore, if you find the "crown", you will receive a big stone like this♪


Yoshi brother
Yoshi brother

Unfortunately, I didn't get the crown, but I did get so many colorful stones!
Both adults and children will be fascinated by it♪

[Price] 800 yen (1 person)
[Mining time] 20 minutes
[Application method] On-site reception on the day
*You can experience it in the order of reception.

Charm 2: Searching for gemstones in the mines
Mining experience [reservation required]

After the river, go to the mine!
It's an experience of finding gems in the sand.
First, gather at the waiting area!

Armed with a lantern, shovel, and bucket, you're ready to go.

Relying on the light of the lantern, we made our way through the dark road and arrived at the mine!

This is an experience where you work together with your family and friends (up to 3 people) to dig out gems from the sand.

30 minutes 1,800 yen (1 team)
*Gem hunting and mining time is about 12 minutes, but the total time including explanation etc. is about 30 minutes.
*Up to 3 people per team can experience gem hunting and mining in one mine at the same time.

[How to apply]
Please make advance reservations on the reservation site. [Reservation acceptance period]
From 0:00 two days before the date of use to 23:59 the previous day
*If there is space on the day, you can apply on-site.
(Reservations cannot be made by phone.)

Mining experience
Click here to make a reservation

Attraction 3: Geode splitting experience
[Reservation not required]

The name geode comes from the Greek word for ``like the earth''.
It is an experience where you can break this geode yourself.

What happens when you break open a rock that looks like an ordinary rock? ? ?

There is no doubt that you will be moved by the mystery inside that is covered with crystals and chalcedony crystals.

Yoshi brother
Yoshi brother

The inside is sparkling and beautiful♪
I like the gap between it and the rugged feel on the outside.

[Price] 900 yen (1 piece)
[Experience time] 1 minute
[Application method] On-site reception on the day
*You can experience it in the order of reception.

Attraction 4 Stone work
Shop [No reservation required]

You can make your own original accessories using the gemstones found during the gem hunting experience (mine/river).
Of course, you can also experience just making accessories!

Yoshi-chan also makes accessories for his daughter!

About 10 minutes of working with a serious gaze...

It was completed!


Yoshi brother
Yoshi brother

I made a necklace with lots of gems in it.
I hope you like it

Necklace 500 yen
Keychain 500 yen
Strap 500 yen
Ring 400 yen
Earrings 500 yen
Earrings 500 yen
Magnet (5 pieces) 400 yen
*If you only want to experience making accessories, you can purchase the necessary stones for an additional 100 yen.

[Application method] On-site reception on the day
*You can experience it in the order of reception.

[Free] Stone polish (stone polishing)

In addition, you can also experience polishing the stones you collected during the gem hunting and mining experience for free.

[Price] Free
[Experience time] 15 minutes

There are also stores selling jewelry and fossil goods.

Commemorative photo

Be sure to put on a colorful helmet and take a commemorative photo at the end♪

Attraction 5 Transportation access


1 minute walk from Kintetsu Toba Station/JR Toba Station! There is also a parking lot (12 spaces)! !


Access by train [1 minute walk]

1 minute walk from Kintetsu/JR Toba Station [South Exit]!
Recommended as a stopover spot during summer vacation trips!

Access by car [Parking available]

Approximately 15 minutes from Ise IC
There is a parking lot for 12 cars in front of the facility.
If the parking lot is full, please use the nearby paid parking lot below.
If you present your parking ticket or receipt at the reception desk, you will receive a 200 yen discount.
◇Toba Station West Parking Lot: 351 spaces All day: 30 minutes/100 yen
◇Chikepa Toba station parking lot: 17 spaces, 400 yen per day

Summary of fees and application (reservation) methods

◆Gem hunting and mining experience
・Mine 1,800 yen (1 team, up to 3 people, 30 minutes)
・River 800 yen (1 person 20 minutes)
◆Geode split experience
・Geode 900 yen (1 piece)
◆Stone workshop
・Accessory making: 400 yen~
*Payment can only be made in cash.
*If you only want to experience making accessories, you can purchase the necessary stones for an additional 100 yen.

[Application (reservation) method] On-site reception on the day
*Advance reservation required for mining experience only

Mining experience
Click here to make a reservation

Stone Hunter Ise Shima
Facility information/business hours
Traffic access


Stone Hunter Ise Shima

address 1-308-1 Toba TobaCity Mie Prefecture
Official URL
business hours 9:30am - 4:30pm
Please check the business calendar on the official website as times may change.
Regular holiday Wednesday/Thursday
*Excluding peak season
Fee Please see "Summary of Prices and Reservation Methods" above.
Access by car Approximately 15 minutes from "Ise IC"
Access by public transportation 1 minute walk from Kintetsu/JR Toba Station [South Exit]
parking Yes (12 cars free)
toilet Yes
For customers with pets You can take your pet to the wooden deck, the river experience viewing space, and the store by using a cage or carrying your pet.
You cannot enter the mining experience space.

*Information as of July 2022.
Dates, prices, etc. may have changed, so please check directly with the store before going out.

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“Yoshi Onii-san”’s “Mie” favorite! What is

A segment aired every Wednesday on the CBC TV program "Chant!" This is a program in which Yoshio-san, a former gymnast, becomes a new reporter, and each time he decides on a theme and covers various parts of the prefecture with a camera, disseminating the various charms of Mie Prefecture.

You can also view past broadcasts on the CBC official website.

What is “Yoshi Onii-san”?

The 11th generation gymnast on the NHK program ``Okaasan to Issho.'' My real name is Yoshihisa Kobayashi. His nickname is "Yoshi Onii-san". After graduating from the program in 2019, he opened a YouTube channel "Let's play with Yoshi Onii-san!" The theme of the channel is "videos that are fun for children and safe for adults to watch," and the channel has over 100,000 subscribers.

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