The pleasures of experiencing nature, like trying a sea kayak over the gentle waves of Ago Bay,
The deep flavors of famous local foods, like the shaved ice I tasted on my trip to Ise,
Summer sights that stole my heart, like the Kumano fireworks blooming over sky and sea at once.

Memories are limitless, and thoughts of Mie only grow stronger...
Dreaming of a future visit, for now, I reflect on my beautiful memories and experiences in Mie.

Share your memories of that summer!
「#visitmie」~My Summer Memories~
Photo Contest
On now

Post your summer photos, videos, and experiences that impressed you on your trip to Mie Prefecture!
Share your "summer memories" with people from all over the world and win great prizes!
★Those who do not have a photo of Mie Prefecture can also participate! Click here for details

How to Enter

Step 1 Follow

Follow Mie Prefecture’s official Instagram account @visitmie, @visitmie_tw or @visitmie_th

Step 2 Take Photos

Get your photos and videos ready, showing your Mie memories of trips, food, festivals and events you experienced!
Be sure to tell us the story behind the images you post.
Pictures of souvenirs or photos from past trips are also welcome!

Step 3 Share

Your own original images and videos of summer memories will be posted under the hash tag #visitmie !

There is no limit to the number you can post.
Feel free to repost past photos!


#visitmie Special Prize
Ropeway family ticket
Ropeway family ticket
  • Part 15 pairs of tickets
  • Part 25 pairs of tickets
  • Part 35 pairs of tickets
Ride the 2161meter long ropeway joining the hot spring town at the foot of Mount Gozaisho to the mountaintop 780 meters above. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Ise Bay stretching below your eyes during the journey which lasts about 15 minutes.
【Sponsor】Gozaisho Ropeway
Ropeway family ticket
Ago Bay Sea Kayak Tour
Ago Bay Sea Kayak Tour 1.5-hour Course / Pair Ticket Invitation
  • Part 11 pair of tickets
  • Part 21 pair of tickets
  • Part 31 pair of tickets
In the center of Ise National Park is one of the 3 largest "Ria Coasts" in Japan, called Agowan, the sea also known as the birthplace of pearl aquaculture. In addition, the numerous islands both big and small scattered throughout this beautiful body of water are blessed with lush verdant nature. Row your kayak through the "Sea of Shima" immersed in the magnificent landscape woven with blue sky, blue sea and green islands. Rest assured, accompanied by a guide, even beginners will find the tour safe and secure.
* Tickets valid for one year after being issued.
* No restrictions for the departure date. Please make reservations on the official website.
【Sponsor】Shima Nature School
Ago Bay Sea Kayak Tour
Kumanojidori, Variety Pack
  • Part 11 winner (3 packs)
  • Part 21 winner (3 packs)
  • Part 31 winner (3 packs)
Kumano chicken, one of the official "Mie brands" certified by the prefecture, is a hybrid of "Shamo" gamefowl, Ise Red Chicken, and Nagoya Cochin breeds. It boasts a supple texture and rich umami flavor. Each of the three 200g packs contain bite size cuts of thigh, breast and fillet meat.
【Sponsor】Kumanoshi Furusato Shinkou Kousya
Dugong plush toys
Dugong plush toys (fluffy dugong)
  • Part 11 winner
  • Part 21 winner
  • Part 31 winner
The most popular stuffed animal in the Toba Aquarium. Cute and soft to the touch!
【Sponsor】Toba Aquarium
Dugong plush toys
Pearl set: Ise tea with pearl powder, Akoya pearl pin brooch
Pearl set: Ise tea with pearl powder, Akoya pearl pin brooch
  • Part 11 winner (1 set)
  • Part 21 winner (1 set)
  • Part 31 winner (1 set)
A canister of the original Pearl Falco tea, made by blending Ise tea with pearl powder, will be presented as a set with an Akoya pearl pin brooch.
* The design of the tea can and pin brooch may differ from the photo.
【Sponsor】Pearl Falco Co., Ltd.
Pearl set: Ise tea with pearl powder, Akoya pearl pin brooch
Matsuzaka Marbled Wagyu Cake
Matsuzaka Marbled Wagyu Cake
  • Part 11 winner
Created in collaboration with the Mie cake shop "Patisserie La Richetail," Maruyoshi has been able to produce a cake in the shape of a Matsuzaka sirloin roast.
Behind the white chocolate façade lies two kinds of mousse: the gentle sweetness of white chocolate wrapped in the tartness of raspberries.
* Delivered frozen
* Available only in Japan
* Contains no actual Matsuzaka Beef.
【Sponsor】Maruyoshi Co., Ltd.
Matsuzaka Marbled Wagyu Cake
Aqua Ignis Kataoka Hot Spring Bath Gift Certificate
Aqua Ignis Kataoka Hot Spring Bath Gift Certificate
  • Part 15 pairs of tickets
Winners receive tickets for two to bathe at Kataoka Onsen Aqua Ignis, a hot spring resort that combines "healing" with "cuisine." Kataoka Onsen uses no added water, no added heat, nor recirculation, only 100% pure hot spring water direct from the source.
Said to be the Bath of Beauty, after emerging from these waters, skin feels silky smooth and has a lasting warmth.
【Sponsor】Aqua Ignis Co., Ltd.
Aqua Ignis Kataoka Hot Spring Bath Gift Certificate

Please note that prizes may not match the photos, and the contest operator reserves the right to change the prizes awarded.

Support the campaign and win prizes!

#visitmie My Summer Memories Photo Contest During the campaign period, certain contributions will be reposted from @visitmie and campaign participants, chosen by lottery, will receive a beautiful postcard depicting a tourist spot in Mie Prefecture by a Sumi-e artist!
Even if you don't have a photo of Mie, you still have a chance to support the campaign and win wonderful prizes!

Sumi-e artist Hiroshi Tarui
Using the best of Sumi-e techniques, Tarui has used Suzuka ink to create numerous works depicting motorsports.
Starting at Suzuka Circuit, he now conducts ink painting performances nationwide.

-Application period and rules are based on the #visitmie campaign
-Winners will be contacted privately.
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Nabana no Sato /Flower Garden(Kuwana City)

    At "Nabana-no-Sato", you can see various flowers and trees through the four seasons. The seasonal events which can be enjoyed from spring to winter are popular. > See details

  • Mt. Gozaisho/Gozaisho Ropeway

    Each time you visit, there is sure to be a new touching feeling caused by the different views of each season. The ropeway, which takes 12 minutes for a one way ride in the sky, has one of the biggest scales in the world. > See details

  • Toba Aquarium(Toba City)

    The number of breeding species is the largest in Japan! An aquarium that keeps approximately 1,200 species of animals. > See details

  • Ise Jingu (Ise City)

    Ise Jingu is called "Oise-san" by the locals, and has long been known as the home of the Japanese spirit. > See details

  • Magose-toge (Kumanokodo-Iseji)

    The stone pavement and the beautiful forest. This is a popular ridge on Kumanokodo-Iseji route. > See details

  • Matsusaka Beef

    Matsusa beef is known as a brand beef as good as Kobe beef among Japanese. > See details

  • Suzuka Circuit(Suzuka City)

    A sheer excitement for lovers of automobiles! One big recreational park with attractions related to automobiles. > See details


Entry Period

will run from 10:00 AM on June 10, 2020 through 11:59 PM on August 31, 2020.

Announcement of Winning Entries

The results will be posted on the official #visitmie Campaign website.
Winners of Part 1 will be announced in late September, 2020.(tbd)


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  • Entry images may be used in official Mie Prefecture websites, social media, posters, flyers, etc.
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