Yunokuchi Onsen 湯元山荘 湯ノ口温泉

Enjoy the unique pleasures of bathing in a mountain forest at Yunokuchi Onsen.

The Yunokuchi Onsen offers guests a special bathing experience deep in the mountains. With pools of various designs located inside and outside, bathers can enjoy the natural hot springs any way they choose.
Located at the base of a mountain and surrounded by beautiful forests, the Yunokuchi Onsen was designed to be part of the nature it inhabits and guests can feel that connection as they soak in the mineral rich water.
The incredible craftsmanship of the wooden structure is breathtaking and when you exit the building, you will be amazed to see that the forest starts to climb up the mountain just outside the onsen walls. For a truly relaxing experience, you can lie down in the one of the sleeping bath spots with stone beds and log pillows that cradle you softly as the hot water surrounds you.
You can purchase wide range of snacks and beverages and stay at the Japanese inn adjoining the facility.
The Yunokuchi Onsen has plenty of parking and can be accessed from Hotel Seiryuso using the trolley train.
〒519-5416 熊野市紀和町湯ノ口10
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Business hours
¥550 for adults
¥280 for students
Access by public transportation
About 40 minutes by car from JR Kumanoshi Station .
〈Access to “Kumanoshi” Station〉
[From Osaka] About 4 hours by JR and Kintetsu Railways.
[From Nagoya]About 3 hours by JR or Kintetsu Railways..

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