Iga Ueno Castle 伊賀上野城

The high stone wall is a must-see! A landmark of Ueno Park.

Even though the Ueno Park has many sites of interest to see such as the "Ninja Museum" and the "Basho- Ou Memorial Museum", the Iga Ueno Castle still is the most eye-catching existence.
Your eyes will be focused on the majestic appearance of the castle.

The stone wall approximately 30 meter high from the moat is one of the highests in Japan, and is breathtaking whether you look down from above or look up from below!
It is also fun to fantasize that "a ninja hiding in the moat might be trying to climb this stone wall......" Ninja transformation corner at the Danjiri Kaikan Hall is closeby, and you might be able to see people who changed into ninja costumes walking inside the castle.

The castle tower is famous for its magnificent three layered structure.
From the top floor of the beautiful, white castle structure, you will be able to see the whole town of Iga.
〒518-0873 伊賀市上野丸之内106
0595-21-3148((Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) Iga Bunka Sangyo Kyokai (Iga Culture and Industry Association))
Official website
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Business hours
09:00 - 17:00 (admission allowed only until 16:45)
December 29th - December 31st
Adult: ¥600
Child: ¥300
Access by public transportation
* Approx. 8 minutes walk from Iga Tetsudo railway's "Uenoshi" Station.

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