Shima Marineland 志摩マリンランド

An aquarium where ocean sunfishes swim. There is a feeding demonstration by an "Ama" (woman diver)!

About 2 minutes walk away from "Kashikojima" Station in Shima City, where the Ise-Shima G7 Summit was held in 2016.
Popular as an aquarium where sunfishes swim!
There is a demonstration of feeding by "Ama" (woman diver) and touching a cute penguin ... It is an aquarium where you can not only just see but also learn by touching the animals.
All the family members could enjoy.

In the free-moving fish tank, which is the largest fish tank at Shima Marineland, approximately 2,500 animals of 50 species such as sharks and yellowtails swim.
The ancient aquarium that introduces the history of earth and life using fossils is a must-see.
At the jellyfish corner, a cylindrical tank is installed, and a mysterious underwater world shows up by effects of lighting.

Touching penguins and exploring the backyards of the aquarium are conducted time to time (inquiry in advance is suggested).
Experiencing the "Doctor Fish" (garra rufa), which is said to eat keratinous skin, is also popular.
〒517-0502 志摩市阿児町神明723-1(賢島)
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Business hours
09:00 - 17:00 (July - August: 09:00 - 17:30)
Open all year round.
Adult: ¥1,400
Junior and senior high school student: ¥900
Elementary school student: ¥600
Infant (4 - 5 years): ¥300
Touching penguins (requires reservation): 3 years and over ¥300
Access by public transportation
2 minutes walk from Kintetsu Shima Line's "Kashikojima" Station.

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