Mishiodono Jinja 御塩殿神社

Mishiodono Jinja belongs to Ise Jingu, which comprises 125 closely related jinjas located in Ise City and its suburbs. This shrine has been perpetuating the ancient craft of salt-making for centuries. One of the amazing things about Ise Jingu is that it is completely self-sustaining. All the foods used for offerings and rituals such as rice, vegetables, and fish are produced at the venerable places around Ise. The Mishiodono Jinja of Futami enshrines Mishiodono-no-mamori-no-kami, the guardian deity of salt, and its duty is to make salt dedicated to Ise Jingu. This duty is of particular importance since salt is used not only for daily food offerings to the deities but also for purification rituals.
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Access by public transportation
Located 15 minutes on foot from JR Futamino-Ura Station

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