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A historic and residential village able to attract people that are ready to enjoy cycling and being and surrounded by nature.

This place is out of the way of the busy city and perfect for being able to take things slow to enjoy each other’s company. The couple that lives there and welcomes travelers allows us to quickly transition to being comfortable.The trails that run through the land and houses, make everything accessible by bicycle, and they have all the best bikes to choose from.

There are four cycling tour courses you can choose.
1.Riding bikes on roads alongside canals that were made during the Edo period. Visiting a 300 year old house, hearing about history and drinking tea.
2.Riding bikes to the themes of prayer and fruit. The Nyu area combines history and natural beauty, visiting the 1200 year old temple of the “Nyu taishi,” also called “Goddess Kouya.”
3. Enjoying a bicycle picnic in a 4 hour guided tour while enjoying nature. This is perfect for people to enjoy seasonal foods grown in Taki-cho.
4. This is a premium gourmet tour for those who are particular about food and those that make it. We can eat "special Matsusaka beef" Sukiyaki.
〒519-2211 多気郡多気町丹生1718-1
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Business hours
9:00 - 17:00
depends on the kind of tour courses
① Course to trace 190 years of history
5,500 yen per person
② Course to eat fruits while visiting temples and shrines
5,500 yen per person
③The Satoyama Picnic Course
8,900 yen per person
④The Sukiyaki Course
16,000 yen per person

500 yen discount per person for more than 4 people
1,000 yen discount per person for more than 8 people

500 yen off per person for more than 3 people
Access by public transportation
About 10 minutes by car from JR Railway’s Tochihara Station (pick-up available)
*About 5 minutes by car from VISON, a new resort facility opened in the Spring of 2021 (pick-up available)

〈Access to “Tochihara” Station〉
[From Osaka] Take about 2 and a half hours by Kintetsu and JR Railways.
[From Nagoya] Take about 2 hours by JR Railway.

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