Sightseeing Limited Express "Shimakaze" 観光特急しまかぜ

Travel to Ise-Shima on a luxurious train.

A luxurious express train that connects Osaka-Namba, Kyoto, Kintetsu-Nagoya Stations and Kashikojima Station, which was the region where Ise-Shima G7 Summit was held in 2016. Don't you wish to travel on this express train, which might make you wish to travel for the sake of travelling on this train?

The soft relaxing seat made of genuine leather is equipped with electrical reclining buttons. On the ""Observation Car"", you will be able to experience the blue sky and the scenery such as the green trees coming toward you because of the elevated floor and the large wind shields. The Cafe Car, Japanese-style private room, Western-style private room and Salon Seats Booth..... The space available for comfort is various. You will also be able to enjoy meal using the local gourmet and sweets.
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