Bankyo Figure Museum 万協フィギュア博物館

In Taki Town, the president of a pharmaceutical company has put his massive collection of pop culture figures on display to share it with the world.

When people think about Japan, the country’s love of manga and anime often comes to mind. However, when foreigners visit, they are not always sure of how to best experience this unique element of Japanese culture. The Bankyo Figure Museum gives visitors a chance to see the fantastic world of “Cool Japan” culture on display combined with memorabilia and figures from world-famous western movies and comic books. Whatever your interests are now or were as a child, you can probably find it represented in the astonishing collection housed in a section of a pharmaceutical factory in Taki Town, Mie Prefecture. Fans of the every genre can find others with the same interests and share their joy as they explore the collection. For those who want to go deeper, the museum offers costume rentals and a photo studio for a full cosplay experience. There is a fantasy world waiting to be explored at Bankyo Figure Museum in Taki Town for anyone with an imagination yearning to break free.
〒519-2179 多気郡多気町仁田725-1 万協製薬株式会社 第三工場内
Official website
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Business hours
Access by public transportation
About 15 minutes on foot from Ōka Station
〈Access to “Ōka” Station〉
[From Osaka] Take about 2 and half hours by Kintetsu and JR Railways.
[From Nagoya] Take about 2 hours by JR.

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