Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm (Iga Mokumoku Agricultural Theme Park) 伊賀の里モクモク手づくりファーム 

An ecological farm with plenty of freshly picked and hand made delicious farm products.

Eat, buy and play……"Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm" is like a "theme park of food". You can spend the whole day having fun.

On its large property, you will find a beer restaurant with a buffet corner where fresh local vegetables are lined up; a bakery filled with the smell of breads just coming out of the oven; hand made hams and sausages made by a craftsman trained in Germany; local beer made from malt inside the farm with strong persistence and affection; and dairy products such as soft serve ice cream made from freshly squeezed milk from jersey cows.
There are too many things you want to eat that there is not enough capacity in the stomach!

You can also experience harvesting of fruits and vegetables of the season such as strawberry picking, or experience dairy farming such as milking a cow or giving milk to animals.
The farm also has an outdoor hot spring full of rustic atmosphere and cottage style accommodations called "Okaeri Village".
〒518-1392 伊賀市西湯舟3609
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Business hours
10:00 - 16:30 (some facilities open until 21:00)
Closed on random days.
Admission fee: ¥500 (adult and child)
Access by public transportation
* Take JR Kansai Line or Kusatsu Line and get off at "Tsuge" Station. The park is 15 minutes away by walk.
* Take Iga Tetsudo (Iga Railway) and get off at "Uenoshi" Station. The park is 25 minutes away by car.

By walk → by car

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