Aquaignis アクアイグニス

An integrated resort in Yunoyama Onsen operating with the concept of combined effect of healing and food.

8 minute walk from Kintetsu "Yunoyama-onsen" Station.
A modern architechture abruptly appears in a quiet area surrounded by mountains.
At Aquaignis, which was built in Yunoyama Onsen at the foot of Mount Gozaishodake, there exists a relaxing atmosphere and a photogenic beauty whichever angle you look from.

Healing your daily fatigue in the hot spring with an excellent water quality, enjoying the sweets, the magnificent stone oven baked bread and Italian and Japanese dishes made under the supervision of an internationally renowned chef, and spending time at a space designed by a talented designer well-known for his work, will provide you the happiest moment.

There are 20,000 strawberries grown in the large green house and during the harvesting season of winter, you can also enjoy strawberry picking.
〒510-1233 三重郡菰野町菰野4800-1
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Business hours
06:00 - 24:00 (Kataoka Onsen hot spring)
Basically, all shops are open all year round.
[Bathing fee]
Adult (junior high school and older):
Weekday600 YEN / Weekends&Holidays800 YEN
Children (three years old to elementary school):
Weekday300 YEN / Weekends&Holidays400 YEN
Free for children younger than three
* Please refer to the official website as to the restaurant, strawberry picking and hotel accommodatation.
Access by public transportation
* Approx. 1 hour by highway bus from Meitetsu Bus Center at Nagoya Station.
* 8 minute walk from Kintetsu Yunoyama Line "Yunoyama-onsen" Station.
6 places in the facilities.

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