Area Guide : Toba & Shima


The Toba area, a journey to enjoy the sea and Islands

Toba Aquarium is proud of its world-class status. Mikimoto Pearl Island is the home of the world's best pearl farm. These are the main tourist destinations of the Toba area. You can also see the famous female divers who gather shellfish from the ocean floor. You can enjoy gourmet seafood the likes of which is only found in seaside towns, and the ""Toburger"", a play on the words Toba and burger. Get it? Get it?

360-degree huge panorama: Toba Observatory

Toba Observatory

Seafood and Toba's burger: Toburger


Japan's biggest breeding ground for countless sea creatures: Toba Aquarium

Toba Aquarium

The shrine for fulfilling ladies' wishes: Shinmei Shrine

Shinmei Shrine

Unique to the Ise Shima area: The Diving Lady Restaurant Experience!

The Diving Lady Restaurant Experience!

See the diving women's show at Mikimoto Pearl Island

Mikimoto Pearl Island

Shima area is where you can experience Japan's nature and ocean resorts

Shima Mediterranean Village and Kashiko Island Espana Cruise are experiences with a European atmosphere, even in Japan. Enjoy ocean view restaurants and hotels. Try sea kayaking and other various nature programs. Feel Ago Bay with all five senses!

Scenery Out of a Painting: Cape Daiou Lighthouse

Cape Daiou Lighthouse

The Mediterranean Sea Village Resort

Shima Mediterranean Sea Village

Feel the age of discovery on the Kashiko Island Espana Cruise

Kashiko Island Espagna Cruise

An outdoor experience: Shima Nature School

Shima Nature School

Incredibly clear waters: Goza-Shirahama Beach

Goza Shirahama

Scenic views of a rias Coast: Yokoyama Observatory

Yokoyama Observatory

Sea god of protection: Aonomine Mountain Shoufukuji Temple

Aonomine Mountain Shoufukuji Temple

A theme park for playing and eating: Shima Spain Village

Shima Spain Village

Nature-rich landscapes of Ise Shima: Toba Bay

Toba Bay