Nagashima Spa Land - A screaming good time!

Nagashima Spa Land - A screaming good time!

Are you ready for thrilling rides that will make you scream? Are you ready to soar more than 100 meters high and then dive almost all the way to the ground, or to fly like a bird through the air and over the ground and water? Come to the biggest amusement park in Japan to experience all of that and more!

Steel Dragon

Steel Dragon
Shortly after arriving at Nagashima Spa Land, the *biggest amusement park in Japan, I glanced up at the towering behemoth. Sure, I had seen it several times before when I visited the swimming pool in the summer, but I had never actually stood next to it. It’s huge!
*Nagashima Resort is over a million square meters in size and has more rides and attractions than any other amusement park in Japan!

Sprawling nearly 2 and a half kilometers across the landscape, the serpentine super-structure, the monster, the Steel Dragon loomed above me. Yet here I was getting ready to ride it. I’m starting to question my own sanity.

My feelings of worry became concern as I passed through the gate and approached the stairs leading to the platform. I entered the platform and the concern became fear. The only thing that kept me going was the excitement of… I had no idea WHY I was excited!

Then the safety bar came down, and the coaster started moving. It was too late to back out. I resigned myself to my fate. I become “MU” or nothingness.

And once I did, I was able to enjoy it! The coaster climbed and climbed to over 100 meters above the ground. This wasn’t so bad! I was feeling pretty good!

Then I reached the top. The good feelings? Yah, they were gone. The coaster screamed down toward the earth, curving up and sending us all flying toward the sky. Honestly, the second “mountain” was the scariest part for me. We were moving fast enough to just fly right off the tracks. Of course, I knew it was safe, but what if…

We roared around corners and over bumps and swells, and finally a few tunnels and before I knew it, we were approaching the final curve back into the platform area.

I was thrilled! 

Steel Dragon Data
Length: 2,479 meters (No. 1 in the WORLD!)
Height: 97 meters (No. 1 in JAPAN!)
Biggest Drop: 93.5 meters (No. 1 in JAPAN!)
Top Speed: 153 kph (No. 2 in JAPAN!)
G-Force: 3.5G
Pro Tip: If this ride is open, ride it. You never know when high winds will close the ride. Actually, the day I was there, it closed shortly after I passed through the entrance gates.


I was ready for another challenge. Next up? Arashi. It’s Japanese for “storm”. Why not? I faced the dragon and lived? What’s a little storm, right? The structure itself was much smaller than the Steel Dragon and it looked easy enough. Little did I know…

The safety bar might feel a bit snug, but you will appreciate that when you’re upside down. During the ride, I pulled my legs in a few times as I was sure they had mis-calculated, and my legs were sure to be sliced off.

The ride starts suddenly, and you are snatched away at a crazy speed. Had I known how ferocious this ride would be, I would have been more scared.

Length: 310 meters
Height: 34 meters
Sharpest Angle: 90 degrees
Top Speed: 65 kph
G-Force: 3.0G

Makiba de Banban

Makiba de Banban
After ARASHI had made a milkshake from my guts, I needed a break from the fun, and decided to explore a bit. Nagashima Spa Land is huge! There are a variety of rides for all ages and thrill-seekers. There are 60 attractions here, which is more than any other amusement park in Japan! (Check out the complete details at the end of this article!) .

I headed to Makiba de Banban, a rootin’-tootin’ cowboy style shootin’ game. Hee-haw!

This is a great ride to rest your unsettled stomach. It’s a bit dark, so easier to relax, and you can ride without a seatbelt. But this is a different kind of excitement.You will shoot at moving targets that show up on giant screens. As you are wearing special 3D glasses, it’s a really immersive experience!

The game keeps score automatically, allowing you to battle with the other people in your car. At the end, you will see your scores and ranking. You can take photos of the scoreboard after the ride has finished as a keepsake to remember your awesome shooting performance.

Important!! Be sure to check to see if this attraction is included with the day pass!

Hakugei - the White Whale

Hakugei - the White Whale
My stomach had calmed down enough. It was time to conquer the White Whale, Hakugei! I was nervous but not as much when riding the Steel Dragon.

Soon enough I was strapped in and ready to go.I can do this! Then came the 85 degree drop. And the inverted curve. Then the twist. And the twist back. Then twist again and go upside down. Aaaahhhh!! 

And then it was over. Actually, this ride was a lot of fun! This is by far my favorite ride. And the twists in the track are, well, an exciting addition to its predecessor!

Hakugei Data
Length: 1,530 meters
Height: 55 meters
Ride Time: 2 min. 40 sec.
Top Speed: 107 kph
G-Force: 4.0G


I visited one more attraction. The Acrobat will have you soaring around the amusement park - almost as if you were being carried by some kind of flying dinosaur. But at Nagashima Spa Land, the lines are much shorter!

After waiting in line, just strap in, then rotate into “flying” position, and fly through the air!

This brave man from Ghana explained about his experience, “I was scared at first, but it is less scary after you pass the summit. I want to ride it again!”

Acrobat Data
Length:1,021 meters
Height: 43 meters
Top Speed: 90 kph
Point: 4 loop-de-loops
G-Force: 4.09G


No. of rides / attractions: 60
Current world records: 1 (Longest roller coaster)
“First in Japan” attractions:
1) Hakugei is the first hybrid roller coaster in all of Asia
2) Arashi is the first  4D roller coaster in Japan
3) Acrobat is the first of its kind in Japan.

Please note that there is a 1000 yen per vehicle parking fee, but you can get 1000 yen back if you spend more than 3000 yen at one location in Jazz Dream Nagashima, the outlet mall located directly next to Nagashima Spa Land.

So come to Nagashima Resort and enjoy the thrilling rides any time of the year!

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