Cycles & Sea Kayaking in Shima

Cycles & Sea Kayaking in Shima

Come experience the beauty of Shima both on land and on sea as you tour the inviting shoreline by road bike, and the stunning waters by kayak!

We went out closer to the rocks separating the waters of the cove from the Pacific Ocean.  The instructor reminded us not to get too close to the rocks as your kayak can become caught up on the rocks causing you to capsize.  Part of me wanted to slip between the rocks and head out to open sea, but fortunately common sense kept me under control.

This beach is definitely on my “visit again” list!  I look forward to coming here in the summer when I can get in the water and swim.  Still, it’s a great place to visit any time of the year. We had an amazing time out on the water.  Lots of fun and taking beautiful photos was a snap!

Azuri Beach Information

Sea kayak and SUP rental available.  Guided tours also available

BBQ and camping facilities available only 10 seconds from the beach.

志摩きらく荘 Shima Kirakusou has rental bungalows and camp areas.  For details on pricing and availability, check out their website:

Day use: OK

Beach BBQ: OK (please clean up!)

Hot showers and baths available.

Rental BBQ available.


Message from Shima Kirakuso operator: “Here you can enjoy a beautiful, clean beach and amazing view only 10 seconds away.”

There is also another, larger bungalow camp area only a minute away by car.  Here, there is much more space to enjoy field activities and bbq, etc., yet not far from the beach.

Kayak rentals / tours

45 minute tour

Adults (13 years old and above) 2500 yen

Children 1500 yen

Price includes parking and all rental gear. 

Reservations are necessary

Open all year

Message from kayak operator: “We made a program that is easy for beginners to have fun.”

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