Aquaignis, the place with amazing bread, cake, meals, and hot spring! What about a luxurious day in this integrated resort with hotels?

Aquaignis, the place with amazing bread, cake, meals, and hot spring! What about a luxurious day in this integrated resort with hotels?

Aquaignis, the super-hot spot in Komono-cho, Mie prefecture. From star chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi’s mouth-watering desserts to natural pure Kataoka hot spring, it’s the integrated resort with glamour of “heart-healing” and “cuisine”.
It’s perfect for a remote, silent vocation with hot spring and a relaxing dessert time; and perfectly fine for a day trip with a great lunch and spa as well.
We are going to introduce Aquaignis, the place with various amazing enjoyment in three concepts- “meal”, “hot spring” and “lodging”, not to mention the souvenir and transportation tips.

An 8-minute walk from Yunoyama Onsen station, Kntetsu Railway to reach Aquaignis, the integrated resort for “heart-healing” and “cuisine”.
At there you are surrounded by the panoramic, painting-like and photogenic environment. It’s relaxing in anywhere at every corner. What about relieving the daily weariness by a hot spring, filling up your stomach by the great dishes from the world-famous chef and indulging in the artistic space by trendy designers?

The terminal of Yunoyama line of Kintetsu railway, Yunoyama Onsen station. An 8-minute walk from here to Aquaignis. Or, take a 3-minute ride on the bus bounding for “Aquaignis”.
There are also direct express buses from Nagoya station, which is very close to the Chubu Centair Airport. It takes only an hour for a one way trip. There is one bus each running to and fro in weekdays, and two to three buses on weekends and holidays.

The signage you can see on the way there is very impressive.
A white logo drawn in deep blue, you would simply be hooked and think what shape it is. This is the image of a hot spring logo which symbolize “fire”, “water” and also “reindeer’s horns”. It’s originated from the legend in Yunoyama that a lumberjack found an injured reindeer in a hot spring, and set it free from the trace of hunters. The reindeer then returned and told the lumberjack that the hot spring has a magical healing power.
And thus, Yunoyama hot spring is also called “the deer hot spring”.

A modern integrated facility located outstandingly at a peaceful spot surrounded by mountains. All building blocks in the reports are flat houses so visitors are able to have a broad view of the sky matching with the magnificent nature. Every details including the color of the walls, the materials and texture of the flooring and the green tone of the plants are all well-planned; they form a balanced harmony for you to understand the great beauty of the nature.

And, this time we are going to introduce the glamour of Aquaignis in the three concepts of “food”, “hot spring” and “lodging”.
Let’s first start with “food”.
“Mariage de Farine”, the antique bakery of Hironobu Tsujiguchi the top-ranked pastry chef in Japan opens at 8 in the morning. The name of the bakery means “the marriage of flour” in French. Only quality Japanese wheat are used to produce its original wheat flour through aged fermentation and thus comes the deep fragrant taste.

The heart-shaped bread in the front is called “French Marriage”, come with a scented out layer and a soft and gentle sweet inner. No matter it’s the Danish pastry or the baguettes, all are generously flavorsome and rich in taste.

This is the masonry oven for baking delicious bread.
Sometimes, you can see smoke coming out from the chimney as well. On your left hand side you see the firewood from Mie prefecture. All firewood used in the masonry oven are locally from Mie, they said.

The pâtisserie “Confiture H” only provides nice confiture. And this is also a popular shop by chef Tsujiguchi. The brightening and colorful confiture simply makes your heart dance through a glance of yours. You will be surprised to that none of them are with artificial coloring. Only because of the selection of the good quality ingredients that such beautiful but natural colors can be presented. What about a relaxing and wonderful tea time with cake and baked desserts?

Together with a piece of cute-looking cake, the combination makes a perfect choice for your souvenir.

“il-ché-cciano mie-le” is a restaurant by Masayuki Okuda, the selected top 100 chefs in world. Okuda chef has once visited the Pope for promoting the safety of Japanese food ingredient and hence, visitors are able to enjoy great Italian delis made by fresh and safe ingredients. There are set meals with pasta and pizza come with reasonable prices as families’ choices. And, the delightful show kitchen is also a highlight.

If you want to indulge in authentic Italian food by Chef Okuda, we recommend you
“Sa-la bianchi Al-ché-cciano”. Visitors here are all guaranteed to enjoy a luxurious course meal with premium ingredients, under the concept of “local based production & consumption”. Pay a visit with your friends, your partner or needless to say, even alone to enjoy a sophisticated dinning.

If you were into Japanese food, come and visit “[Kasaan] Sanpiryoron” or “Roanatatakami”, the counter-seated fine dining.
Be amazed by the unique, creative new-style Japanese food directed by the hot chef Masahiro Kasahara and the full-blown classic Japanese fine dining. There you can enjoy the true, great Mie ingredients like the Ise red sea bream and Kuwana hard clams, etc.

And, the “hot spring”.
Kataoka is 100% natural and rich in texture! Come and enjoy the natural hot spring without artificial temperature and water-circulation control. The pure hot spring with alkali simply works on smoothen your skin as a beauty water spa.

In the hot spring block you can also find the relaxation spots “Laxis” and “Sora”.
The signage is as sophisticated. It would be great to have a relaxing time and loosen your body after enjoying a hot spring!

A super huge Japanese tatami room.
A place for you top laze around at every corner with the plenty of soft cushions. Take a seat, have a full-sleep, or just have a nap, just every relaxing way you can think you. Relax your body and soul here and take your enjoyment to the next level!

From the angle, the hot spring block with paper-cutting arts decoration are exceedingly cute.
Are those sitting on the clouds kids? Or just images of frogs? The playful design mixes extremely well with the modern space.

All items and buildings in the site are created by a number of designers and creators. There are visible signage located in different places, while all of them are with minimal words. This is for indicators by splendid logos and marks so the harmonious natural beauty can be preserved.

And lastly, lodging.
You can stay at Aquaignis indeed!
The pathway to the guest rooms are warmed by the trees. And the deep wooden color tone just purify your silent heart. Deep inside in this direction, there are 17 guest rooms, each with over 13 square meters.

In the opposite side of the clear woods are four blocks of secretive guest rooms in total. The four blocks are respectively themed as “SUGI (cedar)”, “MATSU (pine)”, “KURI (chestnut)”, and “HINOKI (cypress)”; and there are naturally dried Japanese woods used accordingly. “SUGI (cedar)”, in where you can see unique and fashionable furniture, “MATSU (pine)”, at where Japanese modernity perfectly fuses with the pops; “KURI (chestnut)”, the enjoyment of the Mother Nature and “HINOKI (cypress)”, at where you can enjoy the cypress wood hot spring.

It’s said that the hotels are all super popular and are always full. Don’t wait, book fast for the room you like. The photo is showing a room in “KURI (chestnut)”.

From the path you will be attracted by the eye-catching, stunning greenhouse “TSUJIGUCHI FARM”.

The planting soil are constantly heated up by the hot spring. So the hot spring doesn’t only heal the visitors but also give out fresh sweet fruit!

Fruit inculcated here are used in the restaurants for various great dishes. In winter time the land is filled with over twenty thousand strawberries and visitors can enjoy picking them as a special program. And in summer there are over 500 melons for you to pick!

The site is big but not too huge to walk through, so you would not be tired for the long but relaxing walks.

Aquaignis, the fascinating spot with well-kept secretive hotels, hot spring and relaxing dining experience, but it’s still nice for just a lunch with hot spring as a day trip. You can find your way to enjoy here, with different time and number of guests. 

In a sunny day, we recommend you to enjoy a nicely fragranced bread in the terrace with a heart purifying view. What about an extraordinary day-off here in the magnificent nature to recharge your soul?

Aquaignis basic information

*Kataoka hot spring
Adults junior high school students or above  JPY600
Children from 3 to elementary school students  JPY300
Free admission for kids at & under 3
Free re-entry to resort & to bath area within 4 hours.
Rental facial & bath towels available

Mariage de Farine
weekends & holidays 8:00〜17:00

*Italian course fine dining
Sa-la bianchi Al-che-cciano
weekends & holidays 11:00~15:00
*Casual Italian dining
il-ché-cciano mie-le
weekends & holidays  8:00~10:00

For reservations only

Check-in Time: From 03:00 p.m.
Check-out Time: Till 11:00 a.m., next day
From JPY7,500 per head, no meals/
From JPY13.200 per head with two meals
For adults ( Junior high school or above)
*Additional charged on Christmas & New Year, golden week, and summer vacation period
Organic secretive hotel

By driving: From Yokkaichi IC through Highway No. 477 (Yunoyama Kaido), approx. 8km (15 mins)
600 free parking spaces

By railway: Kintetsu Railway Yunoyama Line Yunoyama Station, 8 mins walk or by bus bounds for Aquaignis, approx. 3 mins. (Single trip bus fare 180 yen for age 12 or above, half price for age 6 - 12)

By express bus: Approx. 1 hour from Nagoya station

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