Experience the original ninja arts at the Ninja Museum of Igaryu! Go and meet up the energetic Ninjas!

Experience the original ninja arts at the Ninja Museum of Igaryu!  Go and meet up the energetic Ninjas!

If you are thinking of meeting true, real ninja, you should never miss Ninja Museum of Igaryu! There you can visit real ninja houses with detailed explanation from our ninja staff, see the well-preserved and well-arranged historical ninja exhibits, be amazed by the great variety of souvenirs collaborated with traditional ninja craftsmanship and be excited by the impressive ninja shows. All these lead you to the world of true and real ninjas.

What comes to your mind when talking about ninja?
Throwing stars?
Comics characters?

Igaryu ninjas, the obedient group who live common Iives as farmers but also participate in spy activities throughout the country.
Come and tour around the real ninja houses with explanation from our ninja staff, see the precious exhibits, be amazed by the great variety of souvenirs from popular to specific items and be excited by the impressive ninja shows. Ninja Museum of Igaryu, in where you feel true ninjas.

located inside the splendid Ueno Park, with just a 8-minute walk from the Uenoshi station of the Iga railway.
The pathway heads for the museum is in bright red color dyed by the autumn leaves in fall, and perfect for a relaxing walk.
Igaryu is a ninja genre originated nearby the Iga and Nabari city, and it has taken the public by storm through the movie “Ninja country” casted by Satoshi Ohno, a member the famous Japanese idol group “Arashi”.

When you enter the museum, you will be guided by our staff to this ninja house, a replica of the house in where ninja actually lived in. The big beam is a mirror of ninja life.

When you are enjoying the ninja world from the narration by the ninja staff, you will be asked “friends, look. You know someone is hiding somewhere?”
You will look up and see a ninja hidden high up in the roof.
The place is designed dark with no light, perfect for hiding.

There you will see the “hidden Japanese sword”. The sword just disappears with a blink of eyes as it’s hidden around the body, and from it you witness the continuous hard work and practice of the ninjas.
The performance ends with a friendly smile- telling you that they treasure their Igaryu arts, that’s their family life, their home.

When finished watching the ninja house, go along as the signs instruct and you will find yourself at a stairs to the basement, at where you sense something trilling...

And down the basement you are now at the Ninja experience hall.

In the hall, you come to see over 200 well-preserved and nicely arranged exhibits, which were all once used in real ninja battles.
Ninjas normally live their lives as common farmers, and with the excuse of performing arts they tour around the country for their true purpose as spy.
They make use of a huge number of tools as exhibited. They learn and practice the skills since there were around three and throughout their whole lives indeed.

Going outside you will come to the Ninja tradition hall in where you can see documents with decoded secrets, ancients ninja literature and many other interesting exhibits.

Cute straps of Kwepie in clothing with 10 colors!
The colorful, eye-catching one is with the Igaryu ninja’s nod.
When talking about Japanese nods, the memory of the movie “Your name” simply comes up as the beautiful depiction in the movie does drive nods become nationally well-known.
What about having one for the memory of the trip?

Iga ware chopstick rest, which enjoy popularity form many overseas tourists.
It is a national traditional craft since the ancient Nara period, with an elegantly bright, pale green color. Isn’t it simply beautiful?

Ninja throwing star workshop. Aim at the styrene as target and here we go!
(Extra charge not included in the admission fee)

And, the must see, at all events, is the “Ninja show” with real ninja tools as props.
It is much more than just a show, no doubt!
The show is being too realistic that sometimes kids are too scared and they cried out in the middle...and the rundown changes depends on the reaction from audiences, the show is very popular among overseas tourists. And, it is at the Ninja experience plaza.
Additional fee, not included in the admission fee, is needed for the show. Please check the show calendar at our homepage in advance.

You can learn and experience the life of ninja from the exhibits.
Ninja is originated from “Shinobi” in the 7th century. As time goes by there are different names like “ukami” in the 8th century, “Kanja” and “rappa” in the 16th century, then “onmitsu” in the 18th and eventually “art of ninja” in the 20th century. While it remained vague without any definite descriptions to the essence.
It is commonly believed that Igaryu is formed in the 12th century to fight against the evil powers at that time.

Inside the ninja tradition hall, you can also find the shop “Ninja-bow” with a great variety of exclusive souvenirs, such as the colorful and photogenic throwing stars.

Kujigoshinho magic spell- the incantation is recited with a solemn tension. Then beautiful fencing with courage are brought to your eyes. They are all real swords!

The fighting scene of the female ninja, Kuno is also enormously impressive. It is an agile, brave and beautiful expression that make you hold your breath. Fight with others is simply unavoidable to compete the mission of passing the secret information alive and sound as a professional Igaryu ninja. The spell is to hide from danger, to escape from enemies and to survive. Weapons like the throwing stars are also used together with the spell.

Igaryu ninja is the survivor from various dangerous situations, the cool survivors. At the last act, audience can interact with the Igaryu ninja elite group, the performers of skillful arts and most importantly, decide the ending of the show!

It is nice to have a relaxing walk at the Ueno Park after experiencing ninja and their culture. In the park, you can see the magnificent Igaueno castle with pure white walls.

By the way, don’t miss out the ninja costumes rental service at a number of spots in the Iga city. Let’s be a ninja and immerse in the ninja world!

Costumes for kids and adults are both available, so it would be, undoubtedly, a great experience for you, your friends and family members to transform to be a ninja group. Rental costumes for pets are also available at a number of these stores as well!

The Shiroshita-cho of Iga city is selected and approved as the one of the twenty “Japan’s heritage in the 20th century” for the future world and the “cultural scenery in Shiroshita-cho of Igaueno by the Japan ICOMOS national committee in December 2017. The city is also evaluated as a representative example of “modern architect group that match with and resume the old Shiroshita-cho. Nothing would be greater to walk around the city with a ninja costume, check out the ninja spots and enjoy delicious foods.

Iga city is a city of ninja, as claimed. And it is also the hometown of ninja. What would such a city be like viewing from the high castle stone wall? How would the ninja time come to your eyes there?

Ninja museum of Igaryu is a place for ninja fans, both local and overseas. It is also a place for all children, adults, and seniors to experience true and real ninja, to learn new knowledge about ninja, to be amazed by the impressive performance of true ninja and to tour around the historical sightseeing spots.

The museum is a place of uniqueness, with solemn and long history nurtured in times.

General Information

Admission Fee
Adult (High school students or above) 756 yen (tax included)
Children (4-year-old to junior high school student) 432 yen (tax included)
Additional charge: The Ninja show 400 yen per head
•Please confirm the show dates in advance.

December 29 - January 1

Opening hours
09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.
•Last admission 04:30 p.m.

Railway: 8 minutes’walk from Uenoshi Station Iga Railway

From Osaka
(JR) Shin Osaka Station to Igaueno Station (exchanging Iga railway)
(Kintetsu) Osaka Namba Station to Igakanbe Station (exchanging Iga railway)

From Nagoya
(JR) Nagoya Station to Igaueno Station (exchanging Iga railway)
(Kintetsu) Nagoya Station to Igakanbe Station (exchanging Iga railway)

From Kyoto
(JR)Kyoto Station to Igaueno Station (exchanging Iga railway)
(Kintetsu)Kyoto Station to Igakanbe Station (exchanging Iga railway)

For details

By Car
It takes about 10-minute from Ueno East Interchange on Route 25
Please use Iga city municipal parking.
(Parking Fee: 500 yen / once)

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