A Social Media Sensation: Find a Paradise of 77,000 Hydrangeas at Kazahaya no Sato

A Social Media Sensation: Find a Paradise of 77,000 Hydrangeas at Kazahaya no Sato

One of Mie Prefecture’s most famous flower gardens has set social media alight with its beauty recently. Located in Tsu City, Kazahaya no Sato is a spectacular garden that also supports a good cause. Read on to find out more about this unique space.

Written by Lisa Wallin

What is Kazahaya no Sato?

What is Kazahaya no Sato?
You’ll find Kazahaya no Sato on the grounds of Ise Onsen Golf Club, a hilly area that spans a huge 78,000 sq.m. It is a flower garden that promotes the welfare of people and the environment through horticultural therapy. The 555 plum trees, 1,800 wisteria vines and 77,000 hydrangea bushes are cultivated by facility staff and people with disabilities. It is the first flower garden in Japan to provide this type of program, which offers both emotional and physical therapeutic support. 

Hydrangeas as Far as the Eye Can See

Hydrangeas as Far as the Eye Can See
Kazahaya no Sato has many flowers and plants, but its most famous draw is the77,000 hydrangea plants of 37 varieties. There are some rare types that you may find only here and nowhere else. The hydrangea garden covers about half of the golf course’s 78,000 sq. m. area, making it a wonderful place to explore.

The garden’s hydrangea festival takes place from late May to mid-July every year, when the hydrangeas are at their absolute best. During this period, visitors can attend a variety of events such as cosplay and modeling photo sessions and more. 

You can stay updated on how far along the hydrangea blossoms (or other flowers!) are by checking out Kazahaya no Sato’s blossom updates on the official website regularly.
Website: http://www.kazahayanosato.com/

How to Take the Best Hydrangea Photos

How to Take the Best Hydrangea Photos
Kazahaya no Sato’s spectacular hydrangea fields have made a splash on social media because of their beauty and variety. Photographer Fugamaru-chan, a #visitmie supporter, gives some tips on how to make those hydrangea photos extra impressive.  

1. Instead of simply photographing the hydrangea in front of you, make the hydrangea in the foreground blurred. This will create a sense of depth and showcase the garden’s expansive space. 

2. It may seem counterintuitive, but the best time to view hydrangeas is in the rain. Since hydrangeas bloom in Japan’s rainy season, they thrive when it’s very wet! Head out on a rainy day and capture closeups of the flowers. Droplets of water on the leaves and petals add an extra dimension to an image.

If you take portraits, use an umbrella to really bring out the rainy season atmosphere.

3. The park uses an automatic sprinkler system that waters the flowers regularly. Take advantage of this “fake rain” by snapping pictures of water droplets sparkling in the sunshine. 
Note: Make sure to avoid getting your camera wet!

More Kazahaya no Sato Hydrangea Photo Ideas

1. Add a person in your picture to give the atmosphere a rich and refreshing early summer feel. They don’t even have to be facing the camera — a photo with someone walking away can add a romantic mystery to the image. Here’s an example of what that could look like: 

Photo by @kosa_photo

2. The beauty of Kazahaya no Sato is that it spans a huge area, so there are many opportunities for a great variety of photos. Take advantage of this by using unexpected spaces as the focal point. For example, why not make the blue sky the main subject of your picture, with hydrangeas framing the lower end? Here’s what that might look like: 

Photo by @sho.photographer.365

3. Since hydrangeas are most beautiful in the rainy season, you might even be lucky enough to catch the flowers with a rainbow in the background! One is most likely appear as the rain clears up. We don’t have an example of this one, but if you’re one of the lucky few to capture such a scene, please share it with us on Facebook and Instagram. 

For more creative photo ideas, check out Kazahaya no Sato’s official website.

We hope this article has inspired you to explore the beautiful hydrangea fields of Kazahaya no Sato. If you have any hydrangea photo tips that we missed, let us know on our Facebook page and Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us with #visitmie so we can find it!

Happy hydrangea hunting!

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