World's most spectacular view! "Nabana-no-Sato" for (its) flowers and illumination

World's most spectacular view! "Nabana-no-Sato" for (its) flowers and illumination

World's largest travel site "TripAdvisor" released "Most popular tourist attrations for non-Japanese travellers in 2017" based on online reviews.
"Nabana-no-sato" was ranked within 30th.
Open spacious fields with seasonal flowers are breathtakingly beautiful.
There are series of events throughout the year including Flower Festival in spring, firefly watching in Summer, Momiji (maple) illuminations in autumn and winter illuminations.
You can enjoy certain events throughout the year.
Amongst those events, illuminations are one of the greatest in Japan and among the finest in the world.
The scale and quality has been upgraded each year and the park sparkles with illuminations not only in winter but aslo in autumn and spring.
It is a leisure complex with hot spring and local beer where you can enjoy yourself all day long.


After bath, it's a beer time! Try one of the local beer at "Nagashima Beer Garden".

The restaurant offers filling dishes like steaks or spareribs as well.


The main attraction of night is illuminatioins appreciation.

You will find series of fantastic views and will be certainly satisfied with them.

As earlier, take the bus for "Nagashima Spa (=Yuami-no-shima)" and the free shuttle bus that runs within the Nagashima Resort from "Nabana-no-sato", to the hotel. 

on the following day
Try and enjoy the attractions at "Nagashima Spa Land" in the Nagashima-resort premises  or visit the outlet "Jazz Dream Nagashima".

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