Wellness, Connecting with Nature, and a “Grand” Stay in Mie

Wellness, Connecting with Nature, and a “Grand” Stay in Mie

Mie is full of natural wonders, delicious food, and kind hospitality. The coastal towns, ocean spirit and deep forests can be a wonderful place to relax, refresh and discover moments of peace and connection. Enjoying a unique yoga program and then relaxing in the evening looking over the sea are perfect ways to connect with nature and yourself.

Onsen hot spring women’s entrance

This resort has been tremendously popular since its opening, and for good reason. It is a relaxing and fun place to stay, shop and dine. I recommend checking in and exploring and of course, make sure to leave time to unwind in the Onsen!

I was very happy with the warmth,hospitality and welcome spirit in Taiki and felt truly relaxed during my“grand” stay. This area is so wonderful for your heart, mind and body that thiswellness experience will be a lovely memory I will cherish until I can visit again. 

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