Walking Tour of Osatsucho: Home of the Ama Divers

Walking Tour of Osatsucho: Home of the Ama Divers

Toba is undoubtedly the resort town of Mie Prefecture.

There’s Amazing views, mouthwatering seafood, and a tropical mood in the air. You can enjoy everything from luxury hotels to marine sports and a family-friendly aquarium.

Toba is also a culturally rich town, being home to the Ama Diving subculture of Japan. One of the most popular spots here is the Mikimoto Pearl Island, where you can learn about these traditional divers and the pearl harvesting process.

However, to learn more about the Ama Diver culturally, there’s a small coastal village called Osatsucho on the southeastern corner of Toba, which actually has the most Ama Divers in all of Japan. Osatsucho is an interesting small town where the town’s history is deeply rooted with the Ama Divers, and is also home to the famous Shinmei Shrine.

Today, we took a visit to this small secluded town to dive deeper (pun unintended) into the history of the Ama Divers.

The Toba Observation Deck

Before the day ended, We stopped by the Toba Observatory in the national park
we stopped by the Toba Observation Deck. It’s located near the coast of Toba, so there’s a wide open view of the coastline. However, it was the day before the typhoon so it was really cloudy and not very visible.

There weren’t any people around so I decided to take my drone out and capture some photos past the clouds.


Not a bad way to end the day!


Today was a first for many things: my first Nordic Walk experience, first time learning about the Ama Diver subculture, and my first time exploring the hidden gem that lies in eastern Toba. It was an incredibly fulfilling day and I hope that I’ve inspired you to add Osatsucho to your bucket list!

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