Fully enjoy nature in Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm!

Fully enjoy nature in Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm!

Get in touch with your inner farmer and immerse yourself in hands-on food-making workshops, getting acquainted with animals, and being in nature.
Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm, also known as Mokumoku Farm, an agricultural park located in Iga City, Mie Prefecture.

Written by Pete Leong

The farm provides high-quality ham, sausage, vegetables, fruits, etc. through integrated production, processing, and sales of food products, and has many fans in and around Mie Prefecture.
I had found some of their sausage sample packs at a local supermarket a few years ago and loved them. Ever since that first taste I had been wanting to take a trip down to visit Mokumoku Farm. I finally got my chance, and I was very happy.

There are 12 workshops and specialty stores, four restaurants and cafes, three hands-on classes, rice paddies, raft ponds, and other places where you can enjoy nature and agriculture.

You can spend the whole day relaxing and taking part in handmade classes such as sausage and bread making, food and agriculture experience programs, interacting with animals at the farm, and eating delicious food in which Mokumoku products play a leading role.

On this trip, I experienced Mokumoku Farm’s popular sausage-making program, as well as the strawberry-picking experience that is only available during the winter and spring months.

Before even entering the main farm area, we passed several enticing restaurants and shops. It seems to be a popular place for the locals to come for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as to purchase various meat and baked goods from the Mokumoku Shop. They also brew their own craft beers and have at least three or four varieties on sale to try.

My partner and I love visiting farmer’s markets so we enjoyed browsing all the different kinds of organic vegetables for sale. Great prices too! The staff will even store your food purchases for you so you can pick it up once you’ve finished exploring the farm.

There are lots of fun things for kids to see and do also as you head into the main farm area. After stopping for a few photos, we made our way to the main workshop house and were greeted by friendly ladies that had us don aprons and gave us a brief explanation of the various types of pork used for making food and in our case today, making sausages.

On the other side of the kitchen, another group of people were learning to make tarts from fresh strawberries picked at the farm. The tarts looked and smelt amazing as they were being baked.

For us, though, we had fun making wiener sausages. It was really fun and we got to try a few boiled ones after with some mustard. The rest were boiled and bagged up for us to take home to eat.

After our little workshop, we were in the mood for food so we went to one of the restaurants that serves fantastic-looking hamburgers and hot dogs. The hot dogs were mouth-watering with the buns and sausages all being freshly made in-house. Next time I’ll try one of their massive hamburgers for sure.

Next, it was on to our strawberry farm experience. Our guide led us down the road to one of ten large indoor greenhouse strawberry farms.
If you come and try this in wintertime, be sure to wear layers as it is several degrees warmer inside the greenhouses. We were happy to strip down to our T-shirts even though it was single digits outside.

We were taught about the farming methods for growing strawberries and then we wandered around tasting and picking a bunch to take home with us. It goes without saying they were top quality and super delicious!

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