Explore the natural wonder and rich culture of Mie Prefecture on a two-day adventure.

Explore the natural wonder and rich culture of Mie Prefecture on a two-day adventure.

The journey from Osaka to Mie Prefecture will take you into a completely different part of Japan. Over a two-day visit, you can hike the Hajikami-toge Pass on the World Heritage Site Kumano-kodo pilgrimage trails, relax in an outdoor onsen surrounded by the tall trees of a mountain forest, eat local gourmet food at a beautiful mountainside hotel and be amazed by the spectacular cliffs of the Dorokyo Gorge. A trip to Mie Prefecture can provide a perfect opportunity to get away from the bustle of urban life and seek out serenity while exploring the natural beauty and culture the area is famous for.

Caption: The sign explains that three prefectures border each other at the Dorokyo Gorge

I enjoyed the view from high above the gorge and then made my way down a trail to get a different perspective. Any way you look at it, the Dorokyo Gorge is something that must be seen with your own eyes to truly appreciate it.

Caption: The Dorokyo Gorge looks untouched by time and human interference.

Even though I spend a lot of time in nature, places as special as the Dorokyo Gorge are few and far between. Seeing something so breathtaking that has maintained its incredible beauty for thousands of years is humbling. It reminded me that too much time in the city can disconnect us from nature, but it is possible to reestablish that connection by letting the natural world amaze us.

This two-day tour of the Kumano area in Mie Prefecture offers travelers a perfect blend of nature, history and culture. Enjoy time for reflection as you hike on the same trails used by pilgrims over 1,000 years ago. Soak in natural hot springs and let the stress of a modern life dissipate as you allow yourself to fully relax. Learn that a meal can be a special experience to be savored slowly and deliberately. Remind yourself that the ancient world can still be seen in the living monuments of nature that are being preserved for future generations.  

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