MIKISATO BEACH KAYAKING AND SHRINE PILGRIMAGE - Follow the Ancient Path of Edo Period Pilgrims by Kayak to Beautiful Asuka Shrine

MIKISATO BEACH KAYAKING AND SHRINE PILGRIMAGE - Follow the Ancient Path of Edo Period Pilgrims by Kayak to Beautiful Asuka Shrine

Mikisato beach is a stretch of beautiful white sand that slopes into the clear blue waters of Kata Bay in Mie Prefecture. The protected waters of the bay are perfect for open water kayaking and, with the help of a guide, can be navigated by beginners and experts alike. This area is well-known for having an abundance of fish and other seafood. Asuka Shrine is nestled deep into the natural beauty of the seaside and is home to a 1,000 year old camphor tree.

Visitors who join the Mikisato Beach Kayaking and Shrine Pilgrimage tour will follow a route similar to the one used by Edo Period pilgrims 200-300 years ago as they crossed the bay to visit Asuka Shrine. The full-day tour starts at 8:00 AM on Mikisato Beach and takes about seven hours to complete. This package costs ¥18,000 per person and includes an English speaking guide, basic kayaking training, all of your gear, a fresh seafood lunch and bathhouse access.

Caption: The fresh seafood lunch was just what I needed.

Following our delicious lunch, it was time to visit Asuka Shrine. This final stage of our adventure would allow us to complete the Mikisato pilgrimage just as generations of pilgrims had done for hundreds of years. Asuka Shrine was lovely and the lush surrounding forests and greenery created a magical setting.

Caption: Asuka Shrine is located in a beautiful natural setting.

The most incredible feature of Asuka Shrine is a massive camphor tree that is over 1,000 years old and the forest on the grounds of the shrine is considered to be a natural monument of Mie Prefecture. The shrine itself was built over 1,200 years ago and some remains that date back to the Jomon Period (~8,000–300 BCE) have been found nearby. A visit to the shrine is a unique way to learn about ancient Japan and look back to how people lived in the distant past. 

Caption: The camphor tree at Asuka Shrine is over 1,000 years old.

The day had been one of the best experiences I’ve had since moving to Japan and it created a strong desire in me to do more kayaking in the future. Izumi and Hiro were the best guides I could imagine for this kind of activity and I thanked them for all of their expertise, training and kindness. If you love outdoor pursuits and nature, this is the experience for you. For beginners and experts alike, kayaking in Kata Bay, eating superb seafood and visiting Asuka Shrine is a day you will never forget.




Mikisato Igumi


TEL: 0597-28-3008

email: mikisato.e.gumi@gmail.com

<Operating Times>

July to October

- Once per day


About 7 hours

- Starts at 8:00 AM

- Start time may be adjusted as neededdue to weather



- Priceincludes: kayak, life vest, kayaking instructor fees, bathhouse usage, lunch,Asuka Shrine guide fees, English interpreter

- Notincluded: Transfer to Mikisato Beach

- Water sportsclothing (ex. swimwear)

<Tour Size>

4-8 people

<Meeting Time and Place>

Around 8:00 AM

Mikisato Beach Bathhouse

- 16 minutes on foot from MikisatoStation


<Access to Mikisato Station>

From Tokyo

- About 5 hours by train

- About 6 hours by car


From Osaka

- About 5 hours by train

- About 3.5 hours by car


From Nagoya

- About 4.5 hours by train

- About 3 hours by car

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