EXPLORE OSUGIDANI WITH A MOUNTAIN HERMIT - Spend a Day in a National Park with an Expert Guide

EXPLORE OSUGIDANI WITH A MOUNTAIN HERMIT - Spend a Day in a National Park with an Expert Guide

Mie Prefecture is home to the UNESCO Eco Park Yoshino-Kumano National Park, where you can visit numerous waterfalls, hike deep into the untouched forest and enjoy the spectacular views of the Osugidani Gorge.

A local hermit with an adventurous spirit who has lived in the mountains for over 30 years will be your guide as you experience the raw beauty of waterfalls, steep rock faces and river valleys. The Explore Osugidani With a Mountain Hermit experience costs ¥8,000 (13 and older) or ¥6,000 (12 and under) per person for a 7-hour tour that starts at 9:00 AM and includes visits to many of the best spots in this spectacular area of Mie.

Another waterfall was next on the tour and this time we would have to hike up a mountain stream to get there. We parked the van and climbed down to the rocky riverbed. From there it was about a 15-minute hike in the river to the base of the falls. This waterfall was the start of the small stream and it was tucked in a corner at the end of the short hike.

Caption:The small river leading up to the falls was a fun hike.

If I had been wearing swimming trunks, I would have jumped in because the pool at the base of the falls looked amazing. On this day, however, it was refreshing enough to walk in the occasionally knee-deep rushing water on the way to and from the falls.

Caption:The pool at the base looked like a great place for a swim.

We made a brief stop at the trailhead to the Osugidani Trail to see the incredible rock path that had been carved out of the stone. I made a mental note that someday I would return to do that full trek into the mountains and stay at one of the lodgings that can be booked.

Caption:Standing on the Osugidani Trail rock path that looks out over the river.

Our last waterfall of the day did not disappoint. The Rokujyupiro-daki was spectacular and the short hike in and out was a highlight of the day. Tatsumi-san led the way and we were all alone for as long as we wanted to stay.

Thanks to Tatsumi-san's complete knowledge of the area around the falls, I was able to confidently move to all of the best viewing spots. We even hiked down to the base of the falls where the water was pounding into the pool that flowed into a mountain stream. I could feel the power of the falls and it was producing a wonderfully refreshing mist in the air. 

Caption: The short hike up to Rokujyupiro-daki was amazing.

Caption: Rokujyupiro-daki was our last waterfall of the day and it wasworth the wait.

On the way back to Okuise Forestpia, we pulled over and walked out onto a rock beach along the river to bask in the now warm sun of the afternoon. It had been an awesome day and Tatsumi-san was the ultimate guide. The natural beauty of Yoshino-Kumano National Park is something that all nature lovers would appreciate.

The diversity of nature in the Osugidani Gorge can’t be overstated. Tatsumi-san had taken me to see secluded sections of the Miyagawa, numerous waterfalls of various sizes, hidden mountain rivers and amazing examples of human engineering. Even after a full day of exploring the park with my hermit guide, I already had a strong desire to return someday and venture further into the Osugidani.

Caption: Exploring the park with Tatsumi-san was an unforgettable experience.

Throughout the day, I could feel Tatsumi-san's deep connection to the mountains where he has lived for over three decades. His love of the natural world is so complete that he has become part of Yoshino-Kumano National Park and I felt lucky to have had him introduce me to the area in a way that would have been impossible on my own. I truly can’t wait until my next adventure in this beautiful part of Japan.

If you are planning to visit amazing Mie Prefecture someday and you are looking for a special day of adventure in one of Japan’s most scenic areas, the Explore Osugidani With a Mountain Hermit experience is perfect. Tatsumi-san will make sure you leave the Osugidani Gorge with memories that will last a lifetime.

Caption: It was an amazing day with my fantastic guide.



Verde Odai Tourism


TEL: +81-80-4840-7315


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

<Operating Times>
March to June
October to December
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

¥8,000 per person (13 and older)
¥6,000 per child (12 and under)
- Includes guide fee and Okuise miyagawa Onsen discount ticket

<Tour size>
- 2-6 people

<Meeting Time and Place>
Around 9:00 AM
Okuise Forestpia Lounge


- 20 minutes by car from the Kisei Expressway “Omiya Odai” IC
- 15 minutes by taxi from Misedani Station on the JR Kisei Main Line

From Tokyo
- About 5 hours by train 
- About 5.5 hours by car

From Osaka
- About 3.5 hours by train
- About 2.5 hours by car

From Nagoya
- About 3 hours by train 
- About 1.5 hours by car

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