SEASIDE TRAIL RUNNING AND MAKING PIZZA LOCALLY - Run in the Fresh Ocean Air and Make Brick Oven Pizza

SEASIDE TRAIL RUNNING AND MAKING PIZZA LOCALLY - Run in the Fresh Ocean Air and Make Brick Oven Pizza

The Taiki Town Seaside Trail is stunningly beautiful and has numerous elevation changes for trail running enthusiasts. Runners will pass through sections of thick forest, mountain terrain and others with wide-open views of the coastline.

SANZUI guesthouse offers visitors a traditional and relaxing atmosphere with numerous gourmet experiences available to try. The most popular food experience is making brick oven pizzas in the garden and then feasting on your handmade creations.

If you love running and great food, the Seaside Trail Running and Making Pizza package is a perfect way to spend a day in Taiki Town. This is a full-day experience that starts with five hours of trail running and finishes with two hours of making pizza or having a BBQ. The fee is ¥6,000 per person and that includes transfers to and from your accommodation, a trail map and your meal at SANZUI Guesthouse.

The brick oven was protected from the elements by an open-faced shed. As my host showed me how to lift and turn a pizza inside the oven, my hunger was kicking into overdrive.

Caption: Hama-san was a very good instructor and she taught me well.

When it was my turn to put my pizza in the brick oven, it took a few tries to get the hang of turning the pizza and baking it evenly on all sides. Once I figured it out, it was a lot of fun and I loved being able to make my own lunch in such a beautiful spot. When the pizza was ready, I pulled it out of the oven and took it into the house to slice it up and dig in.

Caption: Keeping the pizzas coming, one of the other guests works the brick oven.

Caption: I was able to develop my pizza baking skills quickly.

I don’t know if it was my empty stomach or the pride in having made my own lunch, but it may have been the most delicious pizza I’ve ever eaten. The first pizza I made had tomato sauce, bacon, onions and mozzarella cheese. It didn’t last very long on my plate and I was quickly back at the toppings station making my second personal pizza.

Caption: The pizzas we made were simple and delicious.

Caption: My first attempt wasn’t beautiful, but it was delicious. 

I needed to try some of that Gorgonzola, so I followed Hama-san’s advice and put together a traditional Italian cheese pizza. When it was ready to eat, this one was the most popular ones of the day and everyone at the guesthouse agreed we needed to make a few more.

Caption: The Gorgonzola pizza was the hitof the day with most of the guests.

Caption: The hosts and guests keeping the pizza production line rolling.

With a full stomach and a tired, but happy, body I was in the mood for little stroll. Hama-san’s husband was more than glad to take me for a walk near the large river that was next to the guesthouse. It was a beautiful scene on the river, with blue skies and some fly fisherman standing in the water working on their next catch. Taiki Town is a truly beautiful place and I appreciated being away from the noise of city life for a while.

Caption: The guesthouse is nestled in among some beautiful greenery.

Caption: The guesthouse was next to a wide river that is home to many fish species.

Caption: The river flows through the mountains at the edge of Taiki Town

With the pizza lunch finished, I thanked Hama-san and her husband for their amazing hospitality and expert advice on pizza making. It has been incredible and I was ready for a long shower and a quiet night of relaxation. To finish the day, I was provided with a transfer back to my guesthouse where I could reflect on another wonderful Mie experience.



Taiki Town Regional Activation Council


Contact form:

SANZUI  Guesthouse

7 hours
- 5 hours of trail running (23 km)
- 2 hours at Sanzui Guesthouse making pizza (or BBQ)

<Operating Times>
All seasons

¥6,000 per person
- Transfers to and from your guesthouse
- Taiki Town Seaside Trail route map
- Pizza making experience

<Tour size>

- 4-6 people


<Meeting Time and Place>

9:00 AM

Roadside Station (michi-no-eki)Okuiseki Kitsutsukikan

870-37 Takihara Taiki-cho, Watarai-gun, Mie Prefecture

From Tokyo
- About 5 hours by train 
- About 5.5 hours by car

From Osaka
- About 3.5 hours by train
- About 2.5 hours by car

From Nagoya
- About 3 hours by train 
- About 1.5 hours by car

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