Eating dinner at the Hinakaya restaurant, which is an old historic house that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and a river.

Eating dinner at the Hinakaya  restaurant, which is an old historic house that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and a river.

"Hinakaya" is a restaurant located in the beautiful countryside of Miyagawa, which is the clearest stream in Japan. This is a place to eat traditional Japanese food in the beautiful Japanese nature and it was awarded a Michelin star. The traditional architecture of old Japan that I experienced there, made eating feel more special than eating at a normal restaurant.
In addition, I was able to feel the splendor of Mie because all the dishes were made with ingredients grown there. Mie Prefecture is home to a treasure trove of ingredients throughout the four seasons.
This experience of eating delicious food in a historic Japanese house, so close to the calming natural atmosphere was a perfect way to taste all that Japan has to offer. It was a kind of luxury and felt that I was being fed the greatness of Japan.

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Written by Nathan Raymond
About the Author:
To travel is to see the wonders of the world and be transformed. To be able to write about this is to share this experience to allow others to be transformed too, and welcome them to do more.
Originally from New York, I now live in Gifu with my family and regard Japan as the perfect place for discovering new experiences. Japan is welcoming you for your own transformation.

We drove all over the scenic Mie roads.  We were hungry and knew we were going to see an old historic house turned into a restaurant. We drove all over the scenic Mie roads. As we drove past rice paddies, I saw the house in the distance. 

Caption: Here we can see the rice field in the front and mountains behind the thatched roof.

"Hinakaya" is located along the Miyagawa River and aspires to be the best in Japan.We only just arrived at the front and could not yet see what was waiting for us behind the restaurant yet, but all of it made me excited to see more.

The banner out front let us know we had the right place.  Behind the banners we could see lots of food on display.
We were welcomed by friendly staff that invited us to take pictures and appreciate the display of beautifully presented foods in a natural setting. 

Caption: Taking a picture in frontof the restaurant and seeing the banner to represent it. 

The restaurant itself is builtwith the thatched roof style, with earthen walls and flooring using Japanesetechniques. As I would later see for myself the river was vast. Not only was I impressed with thenatural beauty, but loved hearing the roar of the river. 

Caption: I felt at easeeating along the floor in the midst of old traditional Japanese architecture.

The Miyagawa river flows behindthe back of the restaurant and in the heart of the border between the land andthe mountains. The water quality of Miyagawa isrecognized as one of the cleanest in Japan, and Miyagawa is certainly one ofthe most beautiful rivers in Japan. No matter from what angle I saw it from, Iwas in awe. 

Along the river, there is a beacharea and vast space where people can walk and spend time on the river. Thereare vast places to capture the wind and there are rows of leaves growing nearbythat the wind to flow through. 

Caption: Here we can see the beachalong the river, and see how we eat alongside it.

There have been various custom additions to the structure of this restaurant. For example, the building has been designed to allow for the ultimate experience to absorb the beauty of the natural scenery, which can be enjoyed from every seat. The tables and chairs have also been designed to be perfect, in relation to the width and height to offer the supreme eating experience. 

Caption: Here is a view of therest of the river downstream and one of the rooms for eating that is designedto be cozy and make memories. 

Caption:Watching the sunset from the restaurant, while I was eating, was all so very beautiful.

Just like Japanese food reflects the four seasons and different elements, so does this restaurant allow for people to experience the four seasons of nature.

Caption: I was enthralled with therich taste of foods with various layers of flavor that took me time toappreciate and enjoy. 

The dishes are based on the Japanesestyle, Kaiseki, which are made from mainly local vegetables, wild vegetablesand fish from the Ise Bay. The dishes that are served arebased on the monthly dishes that are in season for that month, and are used tonourish people and sustain the heartland. 

The food had such a beautifulappearance. I could enjoy it just by looking at it. As we ate, the owner had explainedto us how the dishes are prepared with great care so as not to spoil the tasteof the ingredients.

Caption: The food looks like a work of art and there are various layers of things to discover.

Caption:The cooked rice delivered in the clay pot is as exquisite as can be.

Caption: We ate traditional Japanese sweets at last.

This is the perfect place for special events to celebrate such as the coming of age for children. This place is perfect and welcomes those to celebrate the milestones of their lives. The place welcomes people to gather with family, but also friends and is perfect for creating new memories. If you want to experience something extraordinary, I definitely recommend eating there.

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