Doing Yoga in a natural setting, at a beautiful resort, with an amazing teacher.

Doing Yoga in a natural setting, at a beautiful resort, with an amazing teacher.

This was a great experience that I could only have had in Mie. I really appreciated the landscape near the sea and in the mountains.The combination of everything was really unique and appreciated. It was a top notch Yoga experience at a beautiful resort area surrounded by lush greenery. I felt one with nature due to this extraordinary space.

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Written by Nathan Raymond
About the Author:
We all are searching to be our best and travel offers unique resources to assist in that endeavor. Originally from NY, I now live in Gifu with my family and have learned that Japan is an incredible place for discovering new experiences.

I had been driving and walking all over Mie. I was tired from working hard, and I was eager to refresh myself. I knew that I was going to be in good hands though, due to our next destination.

We drove through the scenic roads of Mie and headed to the Nemu Resort.I knew of an amazing Yoga teacher there and also knew that relief was at hand. This was Yoga advertised as a return to nature, and that is what I needed.

Caption: I’m finally where I want to be, enjoying a beautiful and calm place, that’s full of greenery.

The space felt like it was elevated and we were on top of a mountain and were close to the sky. Everywhere looked like paradise with beautiful scenery surrounding the Yoga pavilion in the open air, along with the view of the valley and green forest between us and the ocean. 

It was the day time however, and the weather that day had been cloudy and cool, however I preferred that than being too bright from the sun to comfortably take in the sights. It is the kind of place that you can enjoy, no matter the weather. 

Caption: Looking down, you can see houses, surrounded by mountains, and a beautiful view of the sea.

I walked out into the open space and the teacher appeared. She took the time to have a conversation with me and it helped us to really allow for a rapport to be developed to let the energy flow. We could bond as student and teacher and that carried over into our session. Other people around me were cold that day, but I was warm from excitement.

Caption: I also had time throughout the course to meditate and sync myself to my surroundings, and be at one with my own energy.

Then after I came out of meditation, the teacher led me back into stretching and guided me to my next moves. The teacher put me at ease by guiding me and I felt relaxed.

Caption: The teacher is so flexible from 15 years of Yoga.

Caption: The teacher guiding me to really open up my chest to take in the energy of the space.

Caption: After meditating I was then once again brought back to stretching and pushing myself to loosen up my stiff muscles.

Yoga is more than just stretching, but a physical way to integrate ourselves with the elements. This was the perfect environment to open myself up to the universe, and the teacher was guiding me through it all, step by step. 

I was taking my time and totally comfortable with my one on one session.

I am a foreign person living in Japan and Japanese is not my first language, however there was the language of Yoga helping us to communicate beyond words. This was truly a physical communication and our conversation was taking us both to a place of peace.

Caption: At the end of the session, as I was standing again and my teacher is correcting my pose in the warrior 2 stance.

Although this was not my first Yoga class, I was definitely not a master, and the teacher stayed with me and helped me with my form so that I could keep perfecting my technique. 

I will carry on doing Yoga and hopefully the next time we meet, I will show improvement from what I learned that day.

Caption: Thanks to the teacher's guidance, I could just enjoy the scenery and relax, while surrendering myself to the poses. 

Caption: The place where I did yoga was surrounded by grass, and it was so nice have the greenery so close to me.

Nemu Resort is a luxury where you can treat yourself holistically through yoga, while also taking in the experience of being surrounded by vast nature. This experience was luxurious, and yet felt necessary to me and is worth it. There were many kinds of yoga sessions to choose from. They offer yoga while watching the sunset and yoga under the stars. This will become your new hobby, if it isn’t already.
Each session is uniquely enjoyable because it is based on the season and there is a different expression of beauty in each session. This is sure to provide what is needed to function at one’s best. Invest time to find balance by synchronizing the body to the mind, and with nature. The Nemu Resort allows you to do this in a luxurious way that empowers your spirit. 

You will be fascinated just by watching the videos of my yoga experience and me being surrounded by the beautiful scenery.

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