Gourmet Mie Day 4 – Kuwana clams and world-class roller coasters(Article created by Cheeserland)

Gourmet Mie Day 4 – Kuwana clams and world-class roller coasters(Article created by Cheeserland)

Today we are onto the last day of my #visitmie trip. I spend 4 good full days in one single prefecture and yet there are still lots of places I have not covered. #Ineedmorelifetimes.

Today we will be venturing into the very exciting Kuwana city to explore a beautiful botanical park, and some of the world’s top thrill rides that will guarantee to give your heart some good kicks.

They are serving it grilled, steamed cooked in stock and lastly, my favorite was the Shigureni Ochazuke.

Shichiri no Watashi Old Port 七里の渡し

Shichiri no Watashi Old Port 七里の渡し
I must forewarn that this is not really a tourist spot full of entertainment, but this old port was one of the most important stops in the ancient Tokaido Route – a route that connected Edo (now Tokyo) to Kyoto.

It is called Shichiri no Watashi because the boat sailed for 27km from its previous port – Miya no Watashi across the Ise Bay. This distance was roughly equivalent to seven “ri” (里) (1里 = 3,927 meters), hence the name of the crossing, “Shichiri-no-Watashi”.

You will find an impressive torii gate, called Ise No Kuni Ichino Torii – “The best torii in Isenokuni”.

Other than being a super instaspot, you should also know that this torii is built from part of Ise Jingu’s structure during its Shikinen Sengu (式年遷宮 – the rebuilding of shrine every 20 years, I have briefly covered this in my previous post on Ise Jingu) 60 years ago. So that holds a lot of significance having part of the most sacred shrine eternally erected at this spot.

Nabana no Sato Flower Garden

Nabana no Sato is one of the largest botanical parks in Japan and the best thing about it is that it’s only 35 minutes away from Nagoya station. So technically it’s nearer to Nagoya city than many cities in Mie itself, so a lot of people have mistaken it being an attraction in Aichi prefecture.

Check out the Begonia garden, a greenhouse filled with mesmerizing colors hanging from the ceiling all year long. It’s soon becoming one of the hottest instaspots in the region.

Like right out of a fairy tale.

It is summer time right now so honestly there isn’t much going on, but the most exciting event is soon to come – night illumination starting mid Oct to May 2020. It’s one of the largest and most popular illumination spots in Japan. It’s a romantic spot for couples too especially the surreal light tunnel.

This winter’s theme is apparently “sakura”. Please send me back again, Mie!

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