Gourmet Mie Day 3 – Iga Ninja and Iga beef Sukiyaki(Article created by Cheeserland)

Gourmet Mie Day 3 –  Iga Ninja and Iga beef Sukiyaki(Article created by Cheeserland)

It wasn’t until day 3 that I have come to realized that Mie is really blessed with everything. How long can you stay in Mie until you get bored? The answer is… until you get sick of eating good food.

Granted, I still believe that Tokyo has world’s best gastronomic delights all condensed in one megapolis city. (Fun fact: Tokyo earned a total of 314 Michelin stars in 2018, twice as much as its contender, Paris. Kyoto is world’s third and Osaka runs 4th. This is how DELICIOUS Japan is, y’all.) As long as you are willing to splurge, you can get almost everything you ever want.

But indulging in gourmet experiences without having to sell your kidney? Come to Mie.

Today we are going to the birth place of ninja, to cleanse your soul basking in the negative-ions of deep forests and waterfalls before feasting on another branded beef that will rival the famed Matsusaka conterpart just so you can gather enough strength to be trained for sudden disappearance in assorted espionage missions, but you better deplete your energy and empty your stomach again in all that action because at the end of the day, a glorious Michelin one star banquet is waiting for your arrival.

Yeap. That pretty much sums up day 3. Intense, huh.

The best thing about this room is its very own outdoor onsen. I can’t be spoilt more!!!

It fits a total of 5 so it makes a perfect family getaway.

Roan Atatakami (露庵温味)

Let me mention this straight up – for a Michelin 1 star kaiseki course meal, I think JPY12000 is more than reasonable. I mean, that’s what we probably pay in a regular Japanese restaurant in a random hotel in Singapore.

I love shokunin. I love to see the way they put their utmost focus on creating magic with their fingers…

which usually come with a bandaid or two. Haha. I think Nakagami san used up like the whole box of uni on this appetizer alone??? What is this generosity! *cries*

Can I repeat again? For this quality, JPY12000 is too affordable.

Hasshun (八寸) dish. I love every single item on this menu. The deep fried akaebi, the super soft simmered tako, even the shellfish that I usually did not fancy too much tasted amazing.

The charcoal-grilled unagi was really unique, I have never tasted anything like this. This is freshly caught wild unagi that’s pretty mature so its flesh is really thick where the skin is slightly chewy with a crisp.

By the time I was served the wagyu steak, my tummy was already exploding, but it was too good to pass.
What can I say? I am pampered beyond spoilt in this entire gourmet Mie trip.
That’s all for day 3. In my final post, I will be sharing about an instagenic spot, and a huge theme park suitable for all ages for some serious fun.
Stay tuned!

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