Real Life in
Rural Japan.
Japan’s culture and its people’s lifestyle originated in its countryside.
Experience a deeper Japan through rural tourism.
Your journey to Japan will no doubt be more fun and more memorable!
Enjoy Rural (INAKA) Japan in "Misugi"

Situated in a mountain valley in Tsu city, Mie Prefecture, central Japan, Misugi is a small village bordering on Nara Prefecture. Many historical sites which date back to Muromachi period (1336 – 1573) can be found across the village, and its natural beauty was recognized as a ‘Forest Therapy Base’ only in Tokai area.

What’s "INAKA Tourism"

"Connect the real life of rural Japan with tourism" Misugi has abundant tourist resources with beautiful scenery, majestic nature, and a variety of culture. Inaka (=rural area) Tourism aims to transmit Misugi’s appeal to the world and revitalize regional communities.

Misugi is a village filled with vivacity and energy. You will witness professional individuals in various fields who give support to our land!

You can enjoy...
All the tour or cultural experience here are provided either in Misugi Resort or in
Misugi village traveling from Misugi Resort by a shuttle bus.
Ise Honkaido Pilgrimage
Walks (Guided tour)
Ancient pilgrims started off their journey from the Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine, Osaka, a gateway from western Japan, to the Ise Jingu Shrine which has been worshiped as a shrine enshrining Amaterasu Omikami. “Ise Honkaido” running through Misugi is part of this pilgrimage route and it is said that Misugi was the most prosperous area as a castle town built by one of the provincial governors Kitabatake. A guided walk along old houses and shops with a storyteller will take you back in time!
Starry Skies Over Misugi
Take a cosmic voyage as you lay beneath thousands of stars in Misugi.
On this stargazing experience, there is a high probability of coming across wild (but sweet!) deer.
It is also true, however, that we suffer from wildlife damage.
This eco-tour will bring you the beauty of nature and make you think about regional issues.
Forest therapy Tour
Misugi was chosen as a forest therapy base only in Tokai area, and the physiological and psychological relaxing effect of forest environments in Misugi is scientifically proven. Misugi proposed Health Tourism and provides 12 courses where you can walk through the untouched nature with a local tour guide or a forest therapist.
The power of natural forests has the skin-beautifying effect as well as improves immune functions. Soaking in a hot spring (in Misugi Resort!) is believed to enhance these benefits. Nothing is as pleasant as a walk in woods!
Misugi Forestry Experience
Thanks to forestry, Misugi used to be in good financial shape and the increasing number of cheap imported wood, however, caused the forest industry to decline and the population of young people to decrease.
Under such circumstances, Miura Rinsho, one of the forestry experts, works in Misugi with respecting traditions while also innovating. They will tell a story about the forest industry, moon phase harvesting, etc. and take you into the forest to show you how to cut down trees, operate heavy machinery and shave off the bark of the trees.
Japanese festival cultural experience
Originally, Japan has 24 season calendar which divides the year into 24 solar terms, each reflecting a natural phenomenon, and synchronized with seasonal change. There are seasonal turning point called “sekku” corresponding to special occasions on the calendar.
Sitting with local elderly people, you will enjoy the way or how people spend their time and sekku culture in Misugi handed down across the generations (traditional food is a must!). Feel the traditional culture and touch the warmth and hospitality of the people in Misugi!

"Having interaction with the local people
and culture generates a more authentic
and memorable trip!"" We provide unique
cultural activities, entertainment and
learning opportunities to those who wish
to feel the real rural life.