"Kuwana Ishidori Matsuri" Festival 桑名石取祭【2020年度は祭車曳廻し行事は中止。神社祭礼のみ執行。】

Ongoing blast of huge noise!! The noisiest festival in Japan.

Known as the ""Noisiest festival in Japan"" or the ""Weirdest festival of the nation"".
Over 30 gorgeously gorgeously decorated festival floats equipped with drums and bells all start making the incredible noise at once completely overwhelms the people watching the parade of floats.
The festival is designated as the nation's Important Intangible Folk-cultural Property.

Every year, the festival commences at 00:00 on the 1st Saturday of August, and all the drums and bells start making the roaring noise.
This is because people on the float had spent the previous whole year for this day, and they explode all their energy at this very moment.
On the following Sunday at 18:30, each float plays the drums and bells in front of Kasuga Taisha Shrine one by one.
This event is also very much worth seeing. The farewell pulling of floats at Tamachi Crossing starting at about 22:00 is the festival's highlight.
The luxurious festival floats' lamp fires would light up the dark sky.
Dates of the event
Starts at 0:00 of Saturday, the day before the first Sunday of every August and ends at late night of Sunday.
Official website
Visit Website
Access by public transportation
5 minute walk from JR and Kintetsu Kuwana Stations.
* Because the proximity of the festival venue will be extremely crowded, it is strongly recommended to use the public transportation.

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