Let the natural wonder of Mie recharge your spirit!

This two-day adventure will take you into the heart of Mie to hike the ancient trails of the Kumano-kodo, refresh your body at a mountainside onsen, savor a selection of local dishes and see the untouched rugged beauty of Dorokyo Gorge.

Type of Trip
1 Night
Type of Transportation
Private car

Hajikami-toge (Kumano-kodo Iseji)

Start your journey into the mountains of Mie Prefecture by hiking over the Hajikami-toge Pass on the Kumano-kodo pilgrimage trails. You can choose from two different routes to the top of the pass and both offer unique trail experiences.
At the top of the pass, you will be rewarded with a view of the Mie coastline that users of the trail have been enjoying for over 1,000 years. As you descend in the footsteps of Edo Period pilgrims you will marvel at the timeless serenity of the forest all around you.

  • Hajikami-toge (Kumano-kodo Iseji)

car : 90 min 

Yunokuchi Onsen

After your hike, you will move deeper into the lush mountains for a spectacular onsen experience. Soak in the mineral rich waters of natural hot springs while surrounded by the forest at Yunokuchi Onsen.
Once you step outside and submerge your body in the gorgeous outdoor pools of the onsen, all of your stress will melt away as you look up at the mountains. There is plenty of parking at the onsen or you can take a fun 10-minute ride through a mountain tunnel on a miniature train from the Hotel Seiryuso.

  • Yunokuchi Onsen

train : 10 min 

Hotel Seiryuso

When you return the Hotel Seiryuso by car or miniature train, be ready to experience the culinary delights of Kumano cuisine. You will be served a traditional multi-course meal that is called “kaiseki” in Japanese.
All of the main ingredients are locally sourced from around Kumano and the friendly staff will provide details about each dish. Enjoy fresh fish, chicken, beef, vegetables and even desserts prepared in the traditional Kumano style. After your meal, retire to your luxurious room and have a refreshing sleep after your fun-filled day.

  • Hotel Seiryuso

car : 5 min 


On the second day of your Mie nature tour, you will see the astonishing rock cliffs and bright blue-green water of Dorokyo Gorge. The rugged rocks and untouched wilderness of the gorge and surrounding area will take your breath away.
You can see Dorokyo from above at the viewing area located where three prefectures meet and then take a short hike down a trail to get a closer look. There are also riverboat tours available for those who want to travel down the river and see the gorge from the most impressive perspective.

  • Dorokyo